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Some of the most talented people with a proven track record to help you choose the right fund

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We don't use jargons, ratios or numbers to explain you anything. We do this in 6 languages

"So far only the rich have had access to the right financial products

We are changing that by ensuring every investor has a dedicated experts to maximize your gains"

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ZFunds is India's only Mutual Funds Platform where you can get help from top experts about your investments.You can download our app or send us a message on WhatsApp and an expert will help you plan your investments.

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We have integrated with Bombay Stock Exchange to process your transactions. This means that your money never enters ZFunds bank account. It directly goes from you to BSE and then to the Mutual Fund company you invest in , ensuring 100% safety.

With ZFunds you invest in Regular Mutual Funds, which means hat the Mutual Fund company you choose to invest with pays your ZFunds Expert a small commission. There is no other fees that we charge.

You can simply download our App here. Or drop us a WhatsApp here.

Dedicated to your gains, not to make you transact

With ZFunds, you pick the right fund each time.

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