I have hdfc top 200 growth fund . Please advise if I should keep investing or exit.

- BB Singh | 293 days ago


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    Manish kothari
    254 days ago

    HDFC funds haven’t done well in the last few years. In fact over the last 1-10 years they have underperformed their benchmark index. 
    If you have an sip running in the fund, my advise would be to stop that immediately and start a new one in ICICI NIFTY Index fund. 

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    Gaurav Seth
    291 days ago

    Hi. In May 2018 the fund name and attributes were changed to HDFC Top 100. This was done to keep in line with SEBI's categorization norms. I guess you are speaking about the same fund.

    From your question "If I should keep investing or exit", it appears you are a regular and long term investor - probably SIPs, which is  great.

    Our view has been that due to the depth in the large cap category and the restriction to 100 top stocks, it is getting difficult for fund managers to co

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