Decoding SEBI’s New Rules for Multicap Funds

Decoding SEBI’s New Rules for Multicap FundsMulticap FundsOpen-ended funds that invest across market capitalizations. No restriction on the allocated proportion to each category. ...Read more

Invesco India Focused 20 Equity Fund- NFO

NFO - Invesco India Focused 20 Equity FundAbout the fundInvesco India Focused 20 Equity Fund is an open-ended equity scheme investing in a maximum of 20 stocks across market capitalization ...Read more

Multi Cap Funds – A Jig or A Rejig

Multi Cap Funds – A Jig or A RejigThe DefinitionMulticap Funds (until Jan ’21): An actively managed equity fund, where the fund manager has the discretion to actively allocate assets across categories – ...Read more

Top-3 financial foundation risks every Investor needs to tackle immediately

Top-3 financial foundation risks every Investor needs to tackle immediately.The black swan event of COVID-19 has taken the world by a complete surprise and exposed you and many people across to assess, manage, an ...Read more

Tax: Types of Direct & Indirect Taxes and Benefits of Paying Taxes

What is Tax?The word tax is derived from the term "taxo" in latin. A tax is a mandatory fee or financial payment that a government levies on a person or an entity to collect revenue for funding the  developm ...Read more

Insurance: Types & Tax Benefits

What is Insurance?An insurance provides coverage for the specific losses, injury, illness, or death in the form of financial compensation. To get this coverage, you need to pay a specified sum of money to the ins ...Read more

Stocks: Share Market, How NSE & BSE Works & How to Invest in Shares

What is a share market? The share market is a place where shares are traded. The share of a company represents a part of ownership in its business. And a share market, therefore, helps investors enter into b ...Read more

Saving Schemes in India: Types, Interest Rate, Eligibility, Returns

SAVING SCHEMES IN INDIASaving schemes are investment vehicles where an individual or investor can park their idle money for earning returns. These schemes help the individuals save for financial goals or a financ ...Read more

Become a Mutual Fund Advisor

Mutual Fund AdvisorWho are Mutual Fund Advisors?Mutual Fund Advisors are qualified professionals who advise investors in making mutual fund investments. The advisors provide tailor-made financial advice ...Read more

RD vs SIP - Risk, Returns, Benefits, Tenure, Comparison, Which is Better Investment

What is RD?Recurring Deposit (RD) is a type of term deposit where the investors make fixed amounts of deposits every month for a specific tenure. It is offered for periods ranging from 6 months to 10 years. The r ...Read more

Systematic Withdrawal Plan

Systematic Withdrawal PlanWhat is SWP?SWP stands for a Systematic Withdrawal Plan that allows an investor to withdraw a fixed sum from their mutual fund scheme over regular periodic intervals such as on ...Read more

Becoming a Mutual Fund Agent

How to Become a Mutual Fund AgentMutual funds provide good prospects for long-term employment. A mutual fund representative has different functions and duties to carry out. The individuals with reasonable capital ...Read more

Nism VA Certification: Objective, Preparation Tips, Fees, Exam Certificate

What is Nism VA Certification Examination?NISM Series VA: Mutual Fund Distributor Examination aims to establish a benchmark for a basic minimum knowledge for all the individuals engaged in the sale and distributi ...Read more

ARN Code - Purpose, Registration, Renewal, How to Apply Online

What is ARN Code?ARN or AMFI Registration Number refers to a unique number issued to every mutual fund distributor/agent involved in the sale of mutual funds. The intermediaries are required to register with AMFI ...Read more

Mutual Fund Distributor Commission Structure

Understand the MF Agent Commission StructureThe Mutual Fund Distributor or Agent’s Commission is nothing but the fee an agent receives from the AMCs for selling mutual fund schemes.The mutual fund distributor’s c ...Read more

EUIN Number: Purpose, Registration, Rules, Renewal Process

What is an EUIN number?According to the SEBI circular CIR / IMD / DF/21/2012 of 13 September 2012, it directed AMFI to establish a unique identity number for every employee/relationship manager/salespersons of th ...Read more

Mutual Funds Cut-Off Timings

Mutual Funds Cut-Off TimingsWhat are mutual fund cut-off timings?Cut off timings of mutual funds are set in order to regulate the Net Asset Value (NAV) an interested party or investor can achieve for pur ...Read more

SIP vs Lump Sum

SIP vs Lump Sum While investing in mutual funds, one can either choose to make investments through the SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) route or a single-shot lumpsum investment. Both the ways of investing h ...Read more

ELSS vs FD: Risk, Returns, Tax Benefits, Comparison, Which is Better

Understand the Difference between ELSS and FDWhat is ELSS?Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) also known as tax-saving mutual funds are those schemes that invest in equity markets along with providing t ...Read more

Steady Investment Options For Your Safe-Retirement.

Steady Investment Options For Your Safe-Retirement.The National Health Profile published in 2019, life expectancy in India is 68.7 years. However, it is now normal to live up to 90 years and we must plan for this ...Read more

ELSS Vs NSC: Risk, Tax Benefits, Difference, Which is Better

What is ELSS?Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) is a mutual funds scheme that invests in equity markets while providing tax saving benefits. ELSS is considered to be diversified in nature as it invests in stocks ...Read more

Demat Account - Meaning, Types, Benefits, How to Open Demat Account Online

What is a Demat Account?A demat account is an account which allows the investors to hold shares or securities in an electronic form. The shares purchased get credited into a demat account and similarly at the tim ...Read more

Open Ended Mutual Funds: Meaning, Benefits, Comparison with Close Ended Funds

What are open-ended funds?Open-ended funds are those mutual fund schemes that pool money from a large number of investors and remain open for investments, thereby issuing unlimited shares or units as the investme ...Read more

Realizing the Importance of Health Insurance

Individuals Now Realizing The Need of Having Sufficient Base Health Insurance For Self & Family.The churning of coronavirus has invoked the realizations amongst many and highlighted the uncertainty attached t ...Read more

What is SEBI - Meaning, Functions, Powers, Regulations

What is SEBI?Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was instituted on April 12, 1992 in conformity with the provisions of Securities and Exchange Boards of India, Act, 1992. The objective of the Securities ...Read more

ELSS vs ULIP: Risk, Cost, Returns, Coverage, Tax Benefits, Which is Better

Difference Between ELSS and ULIPParametersELSSULIPNature ...Read more

Alternative Investment Funds: Types, Risk, Investment, Taxation, Who should Invest

What are Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)?Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) are funds incorporated in India which operate as an investment vehicle that privately pools funds from the affluent investors for t ...Read more

CREDIT Score Myths Debunked

CREDIT Score Myths You Shouldn’t BelieveCREDIT Score is a three-digit numeric summary of your credit behavior; it is generated by TransUnion CIBIL based on your financial transactions i.e. EMI payments, credit ca ...Read more

10 Guaranteed Ways to Improve your Credit Score

When assessing your credit eligibility, cibil score is one of the most important factors that lenders check on. Credit score ranges from 300 to 900 with 300 bein ...Read more

Atal Pension Yojana (APY): Scheme Eligibility, Benefits, Application Form, Chart, Calculations

What is  Atal Pension Yojana (APY)?Atal Pension Yojana (APY) is a savings scheme launched by the government of India in the year 2015 for the unorganised sector workers in order to help in developing a habit ...Read more

Hedge Funds - Meaning, Features, How are They Different from Mutual Funds

Hedge Funds MeaningHedge funds are one of the alternative investment avenues that pools money from accredited investors like HNIs, UHNIs, institutional investors, pension funds, banks & insurance companies, e ...Read more

Employees Provident Fund (EPF): Benefits, Eligibility, Forms, Registration Process

Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF)Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is an investment scheme introduced under Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Act, 1952. The EPF investment scheme is managed by Central Boar ...Read more

Liquid Funds - Meaning, Risk, Returns, Benefits, Taxability, Best Funds

What are liquid funds?Liquid funds are those debt mutual fund schemes that invest in high rated debt securities like certificates of deposits, commercial papers, T-bills & other money market instruments with ...Read more

Public Provident Fund (PPF): Interest Rate, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Application Form

Public Provident Fund (PPF)Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a popular investment scheme which is backed by the government of India. The Public Provident Fund scheme was launched by the National Savings Institute of ...Read more

Post Office Time Deposit: Scheme Interest Rate, Eligibility, Risks, Calculation

Post Office Time DepositPost Office Time Deposit (POTD), also called ‘Post Office Fixed Deposit’ is a great investment scheme which is backed up by the Government of India and is offered exclusively in branches o ...Read more

NPS Vs PPF: Comparison, Tenure, Risks, Returns, Tax Benefits & Which is Better

National Pension System (NPS) Vs Public Provident Fund (PPF)The National Pension System (NPS) scheme is launched by the Government of India and is regulated by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (P ...Read more

What is Fixed Deposit: Meaning, Interest Rates, Benefits, Risk, Bank FD vs Corporate FD

What is Fixed DepositsFixed Deposits (FDs) are a type of investment offered by banks, post offices, and even corporates. Fixed deposits are considered to be one of the safest modes of investment. Fixed deposits a ...Read more

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY): Scheme Eligibility, Interest Rate, Process to Apply

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY) Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY) launched by the Government of India acts as an insurance policy cum pension scheme for senior citizens. The scheme promis ...Read more

Financial maturity under professional guidance helping Investors sail amidst uncertainty

A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. Just like harbor is needed for the ship to know where it has to reach at the end of the journey the same way your financial investments also need a clea ...Read more

Unit Linked Insurance Plans

Unit Linked Insurance PlansUnit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is a type of life insurance plan which is multifaceted in nature and provides an opportunity to invest along with an insurance cover. ULIP was initiall ...Read more

Corona Health Rakshak & Corona Kavach Policy: Eligibility, Tenure, Coverage & Points of Difference

Decoding the Corona Rakshak and the Corona Kavach PolicyThe current pandemic situation of Covid 19 has created a need for a specific insurance products to cover the cost of treatment and has give ...Read more

Sovereign Gold Bonds Alternative Schemes

Sovereign Gold Bonds and it’s AlternativesOur country relies heavily on the import of gold. It is estimated that around 1,000 tons of gold is imported yearly. Gold is a very precious metal and resource and has tr ...Read more

Pharma Funds- Review, Future prospect, Investment & Top Pahrma Mutual Funds

Pharma Funds Review, And Why Should Invest?Sectoral Overview – Pharmaceuticals:In India, pharmaceuticals have been one of the fastest-growing sectors, catering to the domestic as well as global markets. ...Read more

Gilt Funds - Meaning, Risk, Returns and its Alternatives

What are Gilt Funds?Gilt funds are the debt mutual fund schemes that invest in the securities issued by the Central or State Governments. As per SEBI mandates, the Gilt Funds need to have at leas ...Read more

Know What to BUY & what not to BUY in this Market?

Market has faced crashes before as well but the current one is quite a significant one in the last decade due to the fast spread of coronavirus and subsequent lockdown. The slippage of world economy luster has put signifi ...Read more

Index Funds - Meaning, Purpose, How to Work, Risk, Returns

When it comes to investing, there are a lot of factors that affect the investor’s choice to park their money. Amongst those factors, it is always the ‘Risk’ and ‘Returns’ that drive the final decision of the investment av ...Read more

Bharat Bond ETF - Meaning, Benefits, Price, Interest Rate, Review

What is Bharat Bond ETFBharat Bond ETF is an initiative by the Government of India which is exclusively managed by the Edelweiss Asset Management Company. The Bharat Bond ETF invests in AAA-rated instruments or d ...Read more

Is it Time to Tame the Dragon?

Is it Time to Tame the Dragon?From the Australian wildfire to the pandemic that we have been fighting for months, this year has given a lot of stumbling blocks that captured global attention. In the latest set of ...Read more

"Rupee Cost Averaging” Power of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

“Rupee Cost Averaging” Power of Systematic Investment PlanA Systematic Investment Plan called as SIP enforces a disciplined approach towards investing and inculcates regular saving habits, which we probably l ...Read more

Term Insurance

Term InsuranceWhat is Term Insurance?Term insurance is a kind of insurance which is available for a specific period of time. It is designed for providing security to the family in case of the death of th ...Read more

Best Mutual Funds to Invest in for Long Term

[{"desc":"Best Mutual Funds for Long Term InvestmentMutual Fund Investments have a high potential to generate good returns on investment over a long period of time. It is very crucial to stay invested in mutual fu ...Read more

Small Cap Mutual Funds Review, Performance, Who Should Invest

Small Cap Mutual Funds Review - Should you Invest?Small-Cap Mutual Funds can be one of the most rewarding mutual fund investments. These funds invest at least 65% of their assets in the stocks of smaller companie ...Read more

Connecting the financial linkages of the past to guide the present!

Connecting the financial linkages of the past to guide the present!Understanding the linkages between past financial evidence and present events is absolutely basic for a good understanding of how the whole finan ...Read more

Banking & PSU Debt Funds: Risk, Returns, Interest Rate, Portfolio Attributes

Banking & PSU Debt Funds – Should it form a part of your Core Debt Portfolio?What does a Debt Investor really want?In simple words, he wants S ...Read more


4 Different Stages of Financial Freedom"Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like."-Will Rogers ...Read more


WHAT IS ESTATE PLANNING?Estate Planning is systematic planning to distribute one's estate according to his wishes in the future. It means distribution of assets as per one’s own wishes using various estate planni ...Read more

RBI Floating Rate Savings Bond: Eligibility, Interest Rate, Investment Limit, Tenure

RBI Floating Rate Savings Bonds 2020 (Taxable)The Government of India has announced the launch of the RBI Floating Rate Savings Bonds 2020 (Taxable) in its notification dated 26 June 2020. As per the circular, th ...Read more

A Pre-Read to Getting Started on Equities

A Pre-Read to Getting Started on Equities.As a wealth management professional any conversation with clients, friends, relatives, and casual acquaintances invariably includes the question- should ...Read more

Investment is a Money Earner & not a Money Burner tool

Investment is a Money Earner & not a Money Burner toolIt seems the market is now in Bear Trap. Every time a downturn comes a large number of investors stare into the falling market like rabbits trapped by the ...Read more

Sixteen things to know before you buy a Health Insurance Policy

The core of any Insurance plan is protection. Offering protection and alleviating your risk is the simple motive of an insurance plan. Making that small investment in any health insurance plan, will enable you to be tensi ...Read more

Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme - Eligibility, Interest Rate, Loan Fee

KISAN CREDIT CARDWhile we were seeing developed economies announcing stimulus packages equivalent to a major chunk of their GDP, our union government was criticized for being very conservative. T ...Read more

Behavioural Aspect of Investing

Behavioural Aspect of InvestingThe way we take care of our body to remain fit and fine in the same way we need to do regular investing to grow our wealth and secure our future from uncertainties ...Read more

How to invest in mutual funds?

Steps To Invest in Mutual Funds in India?Mutual Funds are formed when many investors pool their money for the purpose of investing in shares of companies, bonds, or even gold. Even though the units of a Mutual Fu ...Read more

Use This Time To Put Your Personal Finances In Order

Use This Time To Put Your Personal Finances In Order The coronavirus outbreak has slaughtered every asset class globally and there has been huge wealth erosion, with the Indian market tanking over 35- ...Read more

What is Arogya Sanjeevani Policy: Health Benefits, Eligibility, All Details

What is Arogya Sanjeevani Policy?Health insurance for many is an unexplored area, on account of lack of necessity or understanding. Every individual is primarily involved in three spheres namely income, savings a ...Read more

RBI Bonds Stopped, What are your options?

RBI Bonds Stopped, What are Alternatives What are RBI Bonds?RBI Bonds also known as the Government of India Savings(Taxable) Bonds are the bonds issued by the Indian Government and hence prov ...Read more

Should you be swayed by the last 12-months returns of Gilt Funds?

Should you be swayed by the last 12-months returns of Gilt Funds?Gilt funds invest in Government securities (G-Secs), which are the most secured instruments, as it has backing of the Government and therefore do n ...Read more

4 Financial life stages & How to plan for them

4 Financial life stages & How to plan for themJust like a human body goes through different stages of life such as infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age, your finances also encounter the sam ...Read more

MFs Ddoing Inter Scheme Transfers. Should Investors Worry

Inter AMC Scheme TransferIn the last 48 hours, a lot of buzz is there on how credit risk funds of some AMCs have transferred some of the lower rated papers to meet redemptions. After the fallout of six Franklin S ...Read more

Learn How to do KYC for Mutual Funds Instantly

How to do KYC for Mutual Funds? What is KYC?KYC, the abbreviation for Know Your Customer is a process for the verification of the legal identification of the ...Read more

Kisan Vikas Patra- Types, Benefits, Interest Rates of KVP Scheme

What is Kisan Vikas Patra or Indira Vikas Patra?Kisan Vikas Patra is a small savings scheme launched in 1988. It was initiated by the government of India to inculcate a habit of saving for long t ...Read more

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme: Price, Eligibility, Interest Rate, Capital Gains

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2020Gold has marched ahead of all other assets over the past 1/3/5-year timeframe in terms of investment returns. The Gold ETFs has given 47.79% in last one year as on 05th May’2020. Fi ...Read more

Tax Free Bonds - Best Tax Saving Bonds for Investment

TAX-FREE BONDS- Best Bonds to InvestA bond is an instrument used issued by a corporate or a Government institute to raise money. Bonds usually offer a fixed rate of interest. However, they may be ...Read more

Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS): Interest Rate, Eligibility, Benefits, Calculation, How to Open Account

Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS) DetailsSenior Citizens Savings Scheme launched in 2004, is an initiative by the government of India for ensuring the financial security and regular income of ...Read more

Tax Saving Options Under Section 80C

Best Tax Saving Investment options under Section 80CSection 80c of Income Tax Act, 1961 allows individuals and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) to claim a tax deduction upto an amount of Rs.1,50,000 annually on th ...Read more

Benefits of Investing in Auto Mode

Benefits of Investing in Auto ModeInvestingMaking Investments from your savings is a good thing as it lets you grow your money over a long period along with beating inflation. Investors ...Read more

Mutual Funds vs Direct Stocks: Risk, Tax Benefits, Comparison, Which is Better

Investing in Mutual Funds vs Direct Stocks - Which is a better option?Where should you invest, Stocks or Mutual Funds? Which is riskier? What are the costs associated with them? Which is better? ...Read more

6 Signs that you will not retire richer

6 Signals that you will not retire rich in futureWho does not want to retire rich? Are you on the right track to retiring rich? In today’s article we will talk about some alarming signs that will show that there ...Read more

Post Office Saving Schemes: Types, Plans, Benefits, Who Should Invest

Post Office Saving Schemes – Overview, Types, Plans & BenefitsPost Office Saving Schemes by IndiaPost- a government-backed organization, are amongst the most popular savings and investment sc ...Read more

Franklin Templeton Shuts 6 Debt Funds

Franklin Templeton Shuts 6 Debt FundsFranklin Templeton India, one of the largest AMCs in the mutual funds space took a hard decision to wind up its 6 schemes in debt mutual funds category effect ...Read more

7 Signs that you are falling in a Debt Trap

7 Signs that you are falling in a Debt TrapDebt has become an unavoidable part of most people’s lives nowadays. There has been ease in regulations in getting loans in the last decade. People requ ...Read more

Reasons that people avoid Retirement Planning

Reasons Why people Don't Plan for Retirement In financial terms, that inflection point in life when an individual’s active income falls drastically – sometimes even to zero – but the expense ...Read more

Deduction Limit Under Section 80TTA

Exemptions Under Section 80TTADo you know that the interest earned on your savings account is also taxable? But don’t worry you can claim a tax exemption on your savings account interest income a ...Read more

How to become a Mutual Fund Advisor

  ...Read more

Major Mistakes Investors Make in their Life

Avoid These Biggest Investing MistakesWhen it comes to investing, investors make a lot of mistakes and that is not bad. Afterall it requires a lot of failures and mistakes to become a successful ...Read more

ELSS VS PPF - Comparison, Tenure, Risks, Returns, Tax Benefits

ELSS VS PPF? WHERE TO INVEST FOR TAX SAVING?There are many investment products available in the market such as equity, debt, money market instruments, mutual funds, ELSS, ...Read more

COVID-19 & The Equity Markets

COVID-19 & The Equity MarketsHad someone told me a month back that equity markets would come and touch 28000 , I would have laughed it out and wouldn't have paid any heed to same but as they say only thing ce ...Read more

COVID-19 and the World Thereafter

COVID-19 and the World Thereafter:Change is the only constant in life but we all never thought something like a Virus would change our world upside down and make us look at the things around us very differently. ...Read more

Buy or Rent a House?

Should you buy or rent your next house?In India, we observe that owning a house is considered the most important goal for many individuals. The reason for this could be either a sense of security or to achieve a ...Read more

What is Nifty - Meaning, Eligibility Criteria and Top Listed Companies

What is Nifty?Nifty 50 or just the “Nifty” as it is popularly known, is an index comprising fifty stocks with the highest market capitalization (value of a company traded on the stock exchange). ...Read more

How to Select the Right Investment Advisor?

How to choose a financial advisorTo select an investment advisor, there are a few things one must be aware of first. So, let's start with the very basic.Who are Investment Advisors and what they do? ...Read more

What to do when Mutual Funds underperform?

what to do with underperforming mutual fund?People generally hold their positions in mutual funds even if they underperform. This is not a wrong strategy if the poor returns are for a short-term, let’s say for 3- ...Read more

Taxes on Mutual Funds

We all invest in mutual funds to earn income in the form of interest, dividends or capital gains. These investment incomes attract Income Tax. The taxes on mutual funds gains largely depends on the type of mutua ...Read more

How many mutual funds are needed for diversification?

The number of mutual funds you need in a portfolio depends upon several factors and to understand it better, you will first have to know about diversification and its need. What is diversification?In simple terms, ...Read more

Best Low-Risk Investment Options

Best Low-Risk Investment OptionsThere are many investors out there who are extremely risk-averse and are not willing to take any chances with their money. If you are one of them, then you have come to the right p ...Read more


Impact of CoronavirusGlobal demand for oil has taken a hard hit amid the coronavirus pandemic. There have been production cuts by manufacturers all around the world. People have been fearful about the coronavirus ...Read more


Important Tips to Invest in Mutual FundsMutual fund is an investment tool which pools money from many investors to purchase securities. Mutual fund investments have become a very popular investment tool in India ...Read more

Why is Investing Tough in Today’s Lifestyle?

Let me start with a short story about investments. This story will help you understand why one is not able to save enough money by the end of the month.In the story of almost every investor, there is one common mis ...Read more

Is it good to invest in Debt Funds for the long-term?

Is it good to invest in Debt Funds for the long-term?Long-term debt funds, including gilt funds and long-duration funds, have performed excellently in ...Read more

Best Time to Start an SIP During Market Crash

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO START AN SIP?Is it prudent to wait for a bottom? Or should you start during the crash? These are some questions which we will try to cover in today’s article. We did some analysis on star ...Read more

Corporate Fixed Deposit: Risks, Investment Security, Tax Deduction

Investing in Corporate Fixed DepositsNot happy with the interest on bank fixed deposits? You’d prefer to invest in a fixed deposit with a company and earn the incremental 2-3% return. It must be ...Read more

Equity Balanced Funds - Benefits, Taxation, How to Choose

What is Equity Balanced FundsAn Equity Balanced Fund is a type of mutual fund which invests in Equity, Debt and sometimes Money market Securities according to market conditions. It is also known ...Read more

How much money is enough?

IntroductionWe have often heard, and rightly so, that money is not the most important thing in the world.However, one cannot deny the fact that a lack of money can affect our lives considerably. The basic ...Read more

Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds - Types, Who can Invest, Minimum Investment

What are Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds?Before we get into the details of Shariah-compliant mutual funds or investments in specific, it is important to understand what Shariah is and what is the ...Read more

Is it okay to leave money in your Savings Account?

For most individuals, the security of being able to regularly check their savings account balance on their bank app or on a passbook is very high. Just knowing that the money is available, if and when they need it is very ...Read more

Section 80D - Deductions, Tax Benefits, Claim Amount, Example

You would have heard of various tax-saving investments under section 80C. Such instruments give you a benefit of deduction from your income up to a su ...Read more

National Pension Scheme (NPS )- Tax Benefits, Eligibility, Features, How to Open, Application Form

What is National Pension Scheme (NPS)?Pension plans help the retirees to manage their expenditures by providing regular income after retirement. Planning for retirement is an essential part of th ...Read more

Retirement – The Unknown

The ProblemAs humans we have been gifted with a great sense which makes us different from the new age robots – EMOTION! The artificially intelligent robots today can manage most of the (or in some cases more than) ...Read more

Best ELSS Mutual funds 2020 – Top ELSS Tax Saving Mutual Funds

Top Performing ELSS Mutual Funds to Invest in 2020ELSS Funds are mutual funds that invest across different market capitalization categories. What makes these funds different from multi cap funds is that investmen ...Read more

Best Multi Cap Mutual Funds for 2020

Top Performing Multi Cap Mutual Funds to Invest in 2020Multi Cap Funds are those mutual funds that invest across different market capitalization categories. They are not obligated to invest a certain proportion o ...Read more

Best Small Cap Mutual Funds 2020

Top Performing Small Cap Mutual to Invest in 2020 in IndiaSmall Cap Funds are those mutual funds that invest a larger portion of their funds in equity shares of small-cap companie ...Read more

Top Mid Cap Mutual Funds for 2020

Best mid cap mutual funds to invest in 2020 in IndiaMidcap Funds are those mutual funds that invest a larger portion of their funds in equity shares of mid-cap companies.The Securities & Exchange Board ...Read more

Best Large Cap Mutual Funds for 2020

Best large cap mutual funds to invest in 2020 in IndiaLarge Cap Funds are those mutual funds that invest a larger portion of their funds in equity shares of large ...Read more

Top Equity Funds 2020 - ZFunds Mutual Fund Scoring

Most fund ratings available today are based primarily on straight-line returns generated by funds over a period of 1, 3 or 5 years. There’s a big problem with this simple arithmetic. They imply that a fund’s past performa ...Read more

Impact of Coronavirus on Economy and Finance

How is Coronavirus expected to impact Financial Markets?The virus also known as the COVID19 has been fast spreading within China and beyond. The total number of reported cases globally as of the 14th of February ...Read more

Loan Against Fixed Deposit (FD): Eligibility, Interest Rate, Documents, Process

Loan against your Fixed DepositAs per a SEBI survey in August 2019, ‘More than 95 per cent Indian households prefer to park their money in bank deposits, while less than 10 per cent opt for investing in mutual ...Read more

The Ultimate guide to how an NRI can invest in India nero?

 If you are an NRI who is willing to park their savings in India and confused about the instrument to invest in, then this article is worth a look. There are almost 3.2 crores NRI’s from India residing in different p ...Read more

Tips for Personal Finance

We usually start planning our personal finance for the future in our late 30s to early 40s when we realize that it’s time to take responsibility for our family and save money for retirement as well. Every individual expect ...Read more

ICICI Prudential Freedom SIP

ICICI Prudential Freedom SIP Plan DetailsYou may have heard many times that SIP is a disciplined way to invest in mutual funds. Didn’t they tell you that SIPs in the right funds can lead to financial independence ...Read more

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) Scheme: Benefits, Eligibility, Interest Rate 2020, Application Form

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) DetailsThe current government is taking lots of initiatives for a girl child, such as the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ initiative. Sukanya Samridhi Yojana is one such ...Read more

What is Cost Inflation Index - Meaning, Calculation, Example

In an economy, the prices of products rise with time which results in the fall of the consumer’s purchasing power of money. By purchasing power, we refer to the quantity of products that certain units of money can buy. Su ...Read more

The Ultimate guide to how an NRI can invest in India?

The Ultimate guide to how an NRI can invest in India?If you are an NRI who is willing to park their savings in India and confused about the instrument to invest in, then this article is worth a l ...Read more

9 Things Investors Must Do for Superior Portfolio Performance

Portfolio Management requires a partnership between the Advisor and the Investor and while the role of the advisor can be discussed in detail, there is some discipline required from the investor as well. I am listing belo ...Read more

7 Habits of Highly Successful Investors

7 Habits of Successful InvestorsThe largest dichotomy in investment is the difference between the investment returns and the investor returns. This is also called the behavioural gap. Apart from ...Read more

Tough Road to 10% Returns

Isn’t the topic itself so stupid?  An advisor saying even a 10% return is tough to achieve.Well, to attain a 10% compound growth rate it will take some beating and the reasons why I say that are:Pr ...Read more

10 Commandments of Equity Investing

It is a Deja vu feeling as I write today. I remember the over exuberance in 2007 and then the opportunity lost in 2008.One thing is for sure, equity investments are the true test for any investor across. The fa ...Read more

Debt – The Undeciphered Asset Class

What is Debt? What are its features?Debt in simple words means ‘a sum of money that is owed or due’Some of the common features of Debt are:PrincipalTenureInterest (or some pla ...Read more

9 Points to Consider Before Retirement

9 Points to Consider Before RetirementRetirement is no more a word which means life after 60. The kind of work load that is put on our heads, everybody wants to retire earlier. The question is how many Indians yo ...Read more

Is it good to invest in Debt Funds for long-term?

Long-term debt funds, including gilt funds and long-duration funds, have performed excellently in the last one year which has drawn the attention of a large bunch of investors. These funds have not only outperformed the s ...Read more

What is Sensex - Everything you need to know

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