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HDFC Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Calculator

Every investment decision must follow thorough research and analysis. This can help the investor gauge the effectiveness of the investment instrument in achieving financial goals and compare different investment options. Since SIP mutual fund investments are gaining immense popularity, investors often wonder about the returns they can expect from their investments. This is where SIP calculators come to their aid. If you want to evaluate the estimated returns from your HDFC mutual fund investments, then the HDFC SIP calculator is your best bet.  

What are the Benefits of HDFC Mutual Fund SIP Calculator?  

HDFC SIP calculators offer insight into returns from mutual fund investments. Hence, these are instrumental for people who have already started investing through SIPs, as well as those who are planning to. Here are the many benefits of HDFC mutual fund SIP calculator.  

Support Informed Decision-Making: An individual must assess numerous factors before choosing any investment option, and among these are estimated returns. Thus, when analyzing yield from HDFC mutual fund SIP investments, investors hope to get an idea of how much wealth they can create over the years. Using this information, they can decide whether the option is apt for them or not.  

Saves Time and Effort: Evaluating returns from investments over a long period of time can be a daunting task; add to that monthly installments and the task becomes even more overwhelming. With HDFC systematic investment plan calculator, you can calculate daily SIP yields in a heartbeat. This will save you a lot of time and effort.  

Easily Understandable: The best thing about HDFC mutual fund SIP calculator is that anyone can comprehend it within seconds. Even if you are not familiar with the SIP calculator, you can swiftly understand the tool and start using it to make wise mutual fund investment decisions.

Thus, one should use the SIP calculator while considering investing in HDFC mutual funds.  

How Does HDFC Mutual Fund SIP Calculator Work ?

Although the mathematical computations behind the SIP calculator may be tricky, the process is fairly simple. The tool uses a formula with various variables to calculate the estimated returns for investors. This formula is:  

TR = P x {[(1 + r)n – 1] ÷ r} x (1 + r)

In the formula, TR is the total expected returns at the time of redemption/maturity of mutual fund units.

P is the principal/monthly investment amount for the systematic investment plan.

n is the number of payments or installments you pay in the SIP.

r is the per month return on investment (ROI) you expect from your investments.

Now let us understand how compounding works in mutual fund SIP investments with an example. Suppose you invest INR 5,000 per month, earning 15 percent annually on your investments. Please note that while mutual funds do not provide 15 percent annual returns consistently, you can earn this ROI over a long period of time. The below table illustrates your returns over the years.

Investment Period in YearsTotal Returns in INR

Thus, it is clear from the table above that the more time you give you investments to compound, the higher your returns. So, start today and let compounding work its magic.  

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Frequently Asked Questions about HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes and HDFC Mutual Fund SIP calculator

Q. Does the HDFC Mutual Fund SIP calculator give accurate results?

A. The calculator leverages a formula with the SIP amount, estimated returns, and the number of installments to calculate the yield you can expect from your investment, in case your investments earn the estimated returns. However, since no one can accurately predict the CAGR or XIRR from mutual fund schemes, the returns tend to vary.  

Q. I am planning to start SIP in an HDFC mutual fund scheme, how long should I invest in it?

A. Experts recommend investing in MFs for the long term, preferably for several years. These investments can provide remarkable returns, growing your money manifolds in the long term.  

Q. How much returns should I expect from my mutual fund investments?  

A. Depending on the scheme, your returns can be anywhere from 12 percent to 18 percent. There are numerous schemes that have provided even higher returns to investors in the past. However, even with 15 to 18 percent returns, you can create great wealth.  

Q. What is the minimum amount for SIP investment in HDFC mutual fund schemes?

A. The minimum SIP investment amount can vary. However, there are several HDFC mutual fund schemes to allow you to start a systematic investment plan with just INR 500 per month.  

Q. What is the right date for SIP investments ?  

A. You can choose any date you like. However, please ensure that you are likely to have funds available on the selected date.  

Q. What is the maximum duration for investing in an HDFC mutual fund scheme?  

A. There is no maximum duration for which you can invest in a mutual fund scheme. However, there can be a minimum period. We recommend that you perform thorough research before investing in any mutual fund scheme.  

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