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CAMS, short for Computer Age Management Services, is a SEBI-registered R&T or registrar and transfer agency that provides state-of-the-art processing solutions to mutual fund companies. Under the collective ownership of HDFC Group, Acsys Investments Pvt. Ltd., and National Stock Exchange, it is one of the leading financial infrastructure and services providers to mutual funds and other financial institutions in India for over two decades. CAMS has a long history dating back to 1988 and a proven track record of offering the most cutting-edge solutions to myriad players in the mutual funds industry. CAMS is more than just a B2B partner for mutual fund distributors and mutual fund managers, but also reaches end consumers via a countrywide network of service centres. On top of that, CAMS serves over 60 percent of the existing mutual funds in the country. 

Features and Benefits of CAMSonline

  • Quality

An ISO 9001:2008 company, CAMS follows a stringent quality check policy with six sigma levels of quality to ensure the highest standards of services to its clients. 

  • Transfer Agency Services

Mutual fund companies are responsible for many things, and amongst these are processing transactions, giving customer support when required, mapping trends, managing the overall fund, and more. CAMS comes into the picture by providing technical assistance essential for completing these tasks instantly; thus facilitating the tasks essential for the mutual funds industry to function properly.    

  • Risk Management

CAMSonline has a risk management method that is self-determining and is supervised by experts. For instance, CAMS manages every possible operative risk regularly with customized software.  

  • Access

CAMS is present in more than 250 locations across India and is swiftly expanding to new locations. Their expansive reach is helping the clients reduce expenses, thereby eliminating the need to spend money on developing in-house infrastructure. You can approach CAMS service centres for the installation of a remarkable infrastructure or maintenance service after the purchase.  

  • Strong web presence

At present, CAMS is utilizing FinNet – an online order-routing method, which enables it to cater to orders from locations that do not have CAMS service centres.  

  • Cutting-edge Technology

CAMS boasts home-grown technology solutions that are at par with state-of-the-art international standards. So, CAMS is the go-to technology solutions provider for most mutual fund companies in India. Fast distribution and adaptability, and an extensive and up-to-date IT infrastructure capable of supporting over one crore transactions on a monthly basis sets CAMS apart from other similar companies.  

  • Confidentiality

CAMS leaves no stone unturned in protecting data. The data is used only to serve customers, and just the rightful owner of the data can access it.  

  • e-KYC facility

While managing transactions of different mutual funds, CAMS enables investors to complete the e-KYC online or via mobile apps, instantly and without any charges. 

  • Portfolio mapping

Every mutual fund you opted for (under CAMS service) is mapped to your investment portfolio. For this, please make sure that you provide the same email ID for all your investments.  

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CAMSonline Services for Asset Management Companies

CAMSonline offers the following services to AMCs: 

  • Setting up accounts
  • Processing transactions
  • Management of data
  • Customer service
  • Risk assessment & management
  • Administration of commission
  • Other value-added services

CAMS Registration Process

You can easily register for myCAMS via your registered email account linked with the portfolio. Thus, one cannot multiple email accounts for mutual funds. Moreover, the registration via app or online has lifetime validity. The login credentials once generated are valid for a period of only 48 hours. In case you fail to complete the process within these two days, you will have to restart the entire process again. CAMS makes it easier to schedule transactions, make payments, monitor as well as manage the portfolio, buy more mutual fund units, redeem MF units, among others. 

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Steps for registering in CAMS Online

  • Visit the myCAMS website.
  • Click on the ‘New User Registration’ button to generate a user id.
  • Enter your email ID along with captcha in the new tab opened and click on the submit button.
  • After completing the registration process, an alert flash will appear on the screen confirming the completion of the registration process.
  • Open you email account to confirm and use the log in details in the mail to access your myCAMS account.
  • Change the password after successfully logging into your account for enhanced safety of your account.

Frequently Asked Questions about CAMSonline

Q. What mutual funds are services by CAMS ? 

A. HDFC Mutual Fund, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual Fund, TATA Mutual Fund, Shriram Mutual Fund, and IIFL are among the many mutual funds serviced by CAMS.

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