How to check Mutual Fund Status using Folio Number?

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Investment in mutual funds is rising day by day. The number of investors has considerably increased post-pandemic and these new investors have created momentum in the industry. Also, awareness among the Indians about the merits of investing in mutual funds has contributed to more and more people willing to learn. Before making any type of investment, an investor should be well versed in the technical terms related to it. One of the most significant technical terms in the mutual fund industry is Folio Number. In this article, we will discuss the folio number and how to check fund status with it. 

What is Folio Number ?

As we discussed above, with the increasing understanding of financial planning, the folio number has become one of the most known words of late as the investments in equity have increased manifold. Mutual funds need some system and mechanism to store data with respect to investments and transactions made by investors. This information is also used to determine the fees applicable to the investor and the fund they are entitled to. 
There are a huge number of investors who may have similar first or last names and it is technically not feasible to use their names as a unique ID and this is why a numeric ID is allocated. Hence, a folio number, identical to a bank account number, is a unique number provided to investors when they make investments. The AMC uses this to check the holdings under the name of the person to whom the folio is linked. 
This unique number is mandatory to be provided by the AMC or fund houses and varies from fund house to fund house. While starting the investment in mutual funds, the fund house asks for all the required details and then these are mapped together to form a unique folio number that is allotted to the investor. 

When an investor invests funds in a mutual fund, a unique folio number is generated by the fund house or AMC against the PAN. It is also referred to as a portfolio number. For any investment in mutual funds, a PAN number is necessary, and is a significant part of the KYC required. Each investment has a dedicated mutual fund folio number, nevertheless one can always have one folio number generated for all the investments. 

Benefits of Folio Number

Folio number offers a number of benefits. Some of these are as listed:

  1. Investors can get a list of units invested in AMC instantly by using this number.
  2. It is the easiest and most convenient way of checking investments and trade in mutual funds.
  3. It assists the AMC to make a credible record system.
  4. It helps investors to save time on redoing the KYC process by transacting with the same AMC.
  5. It facilitates trades from any time and anywhere.

Where you can Locate Folio Number ?

Investors may have a question of how they can get to know their mutual fund folio number. It is very simple to locate it through:

Consolidated Account Statement

Mutual Fund Statement

Email or SMS

How to Check Mutual Fund Status With Folio Number ?

You can check the mutual fund status by folio number very easily on the website and apps of the AMC or fund house. Websites of all the AMCs as well as the CAMS and Karvy registrar websites will help investors in checking their status using the folio number.  

It is possible to do a one time registration and trac performance on the website. You just need a combination of your registered PAN and mobile number for the same.

If you are not too tech savvy and seek an offline way, then that option is also available. Just walk in to the nearest AMC office and get the statement printed by submitting your folio number and PAN details. They will help you to track and know the status of all the investments with that folio. Nevertheless, if you have mutual fund investments across multiple AMCs, then it is a complex task as you may have to approach them separately with respective folio numbers. 

Following are some ways through which investors can check their mutual fund status with the help of folio number:

Online Mode:

Many people today invest through online mode. There are some websites that assist investors to check their fund status through folio number. You just need to register yourself at these sites to track the performance. You will need your mobile number and PAN card to do the same. 

Through your AMC:

By providing details like folio number and PAN details, AMC can help you to track and know the status of all your investments. If you have investments in different AMCs, then you need to get in contact with their service providers.

Fund’s Website:

Investors can track the performance by visiting the website of the Mutual Fund in which the amount is invested. There you will need to enter the details of PAN, folio number, and mobile number and you will be displayed with the statement. 

Get in touch with your advisor:

Many investors invest in funds through an advisor. In these situations, the advisor can help them with the knowledge of investments and funds. They can track the performance and trades of different mutual funds for you as they are equipped with your folio number.

How to find a mutual fund folio number?

Mutual fund folio number is used to find the investors track records and statement of items such as how much money has been parked with which fund, contact details and transaction history. An investor can find the mutual fund folio number on investment statements or raise a query to ask the same from AMC or fund house.  

When they register with the AMC or fund house, the mutual fund folio number is left empty in the form of application and is generated when the first investment is made with the fund house. 

Other Ways to Check Mutual Fund Status

1. Consolidated Account Statement:

CAS or Consolidated Account Statement is a single combined statement that depicts all the investments made by an individual investor in mutual funds for a period of a month. This can help you to track the status on a monthly basis.

2. Mutual Fund Statement:

Every AMC offers the fund’s details to investors when they make an investment. Regular emails and SMS are sent to investors from the side of AMC and they can track the movement from here. 

3. Branch Office:

Investors can walk into the nearest branch of AMC and can ask for their status and request a statement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a folio number?
A. Folio number is a unique number provided to investors when they make investments. The AMC uses this to check the holdings under the name of the person to whom the folio is linked.

Q. What are the benefits of a folio number?
A. Some of the key benefits of the folio number are that it saves time, is feasible, provides details and information regarding investments, and helps in hassle-free transactions.

Q. From where we can locate Folio Number?
A. You can find your folio number in the mutual fund statement, consolidated account statement, or the E-mail/SMS sent by the AMC.

Q. How can we track mutual fund investment through folio number?

A. We can track mutual funds through folio number by visiting AMC, fund house’s website, third party website, or by connecting with the advisor.

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