COVID-19 and the World Thereafter

Saurabh Banga
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Saurabh Banga

COVID-19 and the World Thereafter:

Change is the only constant in life but we all never thought something like a Virus would change our world upside down and make us look at the things around us very differently.

Life was going on in an unassuming way where in strong was becoming stronger and vice versa across people / industries / nations etc and this norm was largely getting accepted in more forms than one and this all was happening till a small virus COVID-19 entered our lives and assumed magnitude preposition , none of us ever thought or were prepared to foresee something like this which would literally halt the world and bring it to a standstill.

By the time mankind realized and took significance of this virus COVID-19, it had already engulfed itself across nations / continents and was spreading exponentially and all the world could do now was to take precautions as it did not have any possible cure for same and may not have soon.

As an optimist I believe everything comes to an end and I am sure this too shall pass through and we would see a better and a brighter day ahead of us sometime soon . But by the time this ends , it would also take along with itself  a lot of old things / businesses / thoughts etc  and possibly open the box for newer thoughts to crop in . I strongly envisage that post this pandemic ends , we all would look at a world around is which would be very different to what we have seen so far , a world with tons of changes , lots of businesses ceasing to exist , lot of people falling off the cliff and these would largely be the ones who refused to change with time and few new sprouts springing up.

A lot of us who belong to Gen X & millennial category would be the ones to find it most difficult to adjust as we have been brought up with certain ethos and principles and arguably lots of them would not hold true in the new world. For example:

# Sprawling Office buildings which was the cynosure of our eyes may no longer have the seats filled as organizations and people would be happy and productive working from home.

# People may want to move from a savers world to a world where in you live for the moment and hence , large scale industries like housing and few others may see a huge dip.

# Auto which as yet has been the backbone of any economy may see a downturn as less people would travel to work.

# Defense equipment companies may see a downturn as world may want to move a step ahead and invest into other advanced form of options rather than physical destruction weapons and hence economies like the GREAT USA would be in a huge spot of bother , who knows if all this was orchestrated to make large economies fall and some other take over from them.

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# Oil may emerge as the biggest global commodity which controls the world even more.

And on the other side , you may see newer companies to sprout up.

# You may see digital companies / disruptors calling the shots.

# Some of the travel companies coming up the curve as the world may want to start living more in the present.

and many many more .....

Friends , all of this may or may not be true and can entirely be my imaginations but if this turns out to be true , that a lot around us is gonna change  and the biggest question all of us need to ask ourselves is that whether Are we ready to change with the change and if not , time to re assess and align ourselves with the new evolving world.

Guess time to also adopt the new school of thought which is free from any past prejudices and is more forthcoming and present in nature.

World surely is changing , lets as well.



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Manish Kothari


Very well written saurabh


Kapil Daluja


Very well, let’s get use to new normal. Rightly said, change is the constant thing !!

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