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Remember the good old days when we used to save money in our piggy banks to buy the things we always wanted after a certain period of time. That was indeed a great habit that we have forgotten now. But what if we at ZFunds tell you that you can also continue that habit now in a much more digitalized way and also earn returns over it! Sounds interesting, right? 

We are talking about Daily Systematic Investment Plan, i.e. Daily SIP. and we are glad to announce that ZFunds has become the first platform to facilitate Daily SIP. In this article, we are going to discuss different aspects of daily SIP and how investors can take the most benefit out of it through the ZFunds App.

What is Daily SIP?

Daily Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a concept and one of the methods of investing in mutual funds. It can be termed as an investment in MFs on a daily basis with a certain amount of money in a disciplined manner. This mechanism offers investors the flexibility to invest according to one’s financial goals and create long-term wealth by investing a relatively small sum over a long period. Investors having regular cash flows or fixed income can go forward with doing daily SIPs to meet their financial and wealth goals. Also, SIP is the best alternative to get into the habit of saving & investing regularly and daily SIPs are the cherry on the cake in this aspect.

Why Should One go for a Daily SIP

For investors having limited skills and knowledge, money, or time, daily SIP can provide simplicity and other merits. Investors should go for it as it averages out the effect of dynamic markets and volatility. Investors can expect higher returns when compared to regular SIPs on a weekly or monthly basis. Let’s discuss the points in detail:

1. Daily Averaging:

When an investor starts a daily SIP, most often a fixed amount is invested on daily basis with discipline. This allows buying more units when the stock markets are low as the NAV of the mutual fund will reduce. Similarly, when the markets are booming, a lesser number of units are allotted. This phenomenon is called rupee cost averaging and daily SIP will be highly useful to reap this benefit.

2. Reduce the burden:

Taking out a lump sum money every month or at fixed intervals might be a bit difficult for many investors and that’s the major reason for indiscipline which in turn results in quitting the investments. In daily SIP, a small amount is deposited daily which in turn amounts to a good sum every month. So this reduces the one-time burden and results in better results.

3. Start small and build wealth:

As discussed, the investment amount on daily basis starts from only Rs 100, and investors can take out this small amount every day and see their wealth and corpus build over the long term. 

Power of Daily SIP Through An Illustration

Suppose an investor invests Rs. 100 Daily for 10 years in ICICI Prudential Small Cap Fund, they will be able to make Rs. 6,23,202 and if they go forward with Rs. 200 daily in the same fund, they can make a corpus of Rs. 12,46,404! 
And that’s how daily SIP can help you tremendously in your investment planning and make wealth for your retirement.

Steps to Start Daily SIP With ZFUNDS APP

  1. Download the ZFunds app and Log In through your credentials.
  2. Click on the banner/option saying ‘Introducing daily SIP plan’
  3. You can invest in the top 5 funds of the 3 Top Fund Houses in India, i.e. Tata, HDFC, and ICICI.
  4. You can start with Rs 100 in ICICI, Rs. 150 in Tata, and Rs. 300 in HDFC and further investments can be made in multiples of Rs. 100
  5. Choose the fund you are willing to invest in and click on the ‘Add to cart’ button.
  6. Enter the amount and select between one-time mandate and pay now. One time mandate may take 15-20 days to set up and then will start automatically without any hassle and the pay now option will let you make the first investment instantly.
  7. Once the payment is done, the investment will be made. Investors must note that the investment is only made on working days and not weekends and public holidays.
  8. You can check the investment in the portfolio section along with other details.

Advantages of Investing Through Zfunds App

While investing through our app, Investors can get expert advice and assistance in every way possible. We are at your service 24*7 for our users to help them build wealth and financial planning. Our experts can guide investors to choose which fund to invest in after analyzing and studying your requirements and risk appetite. Our aim is to make investments ‘SAHI aur ASAAN’ across the nation.

Watch the Video to get detailed information about daily SIP:

Daily SIP Advantages

Good Return Potential- Daily SIPs in mutual funds, especially in case of equity mutual funds can offer very good returns in the long run. Also, it can potentially offer slightly better returns than the monthly SIPs. As investments are done on a daily basis, the average cost of investment in the long run can come out to be lower resulting in better returns.

Lower Risks- Daily Averaging reduces overall risk in the investments. The downside of the investment in case of market falls will be lower during the long run as the cost would have been averaged out.

Understanding of Daily Systematic Investment Plan

As discussed, Daily SIP offers investors the option to invest on a daily basis in mutual funds. Let’s look at the illustration to understand more:

Illustration wala paragraph  

Is Daily SIP Beneficial

Daily SIP can be a very beneficial investment especially for those investors who want to invest on a daily basis. Also, the benefit of daily compounding and averaging makes it a very attractive option for investors.

Daily Mutual fund SIPs

The options available for Daily SIP on ZFunds app include the mutual funds from the following AMCs:

  • ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
  • Tata Mutual Fund
  • HDFC Mutual Fund
  • UTI Mutual Fund

To check more about the funds available for Daily SIP, login to ZFunds App.


Q. Can I invest daily in sip ?

A. Yes, you can also do a Daily SIP wherein investments in mutual funds will be made on a daily basis. Unlike a monthly SIP where investment is made every month, Daily SIP is deducted on working days of the month.

Q. How to invest in Daily SIP Mutual funds ?

A. To start a Daily SIP in Mutual funds, download ZFunds App from Play Store. Choose from the available funds for Daily SIP in AMCs including ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, Tata Mutual Fund, HDFC Mutual Fund & UTI Mutual Fund.

Q. What is the Best Daily SIP Option in Mutual funds ?

A. The best Daily SIP option in mutual funds will depend upon the needs & requirements of the investors like investment horizon, risk profile, financial goals, etc. You can connect with our ZFunds Experts to know more.

Q. What are daily SIPs?

A. Daily Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a concept and one of the methods in investing in mutual funds. It can be termed as an investment in MFs on a daily basis with a certain amount of money in a disciplined manner.

Q. What is the difference between daily and monthly SIP?

A. The major difference between the two is that daily SIP invests on a daily basis while in monthly SIPs, investments are made every month. 

Q. What are the benefits of daily SIP?

A. Investors can reap the benefits of rupee cost averaging by daily SIPs along with reduced burden and flexibility to start small and build wealth over the long run.

Q. How to invest in daily SIPs through the ZFunds app?

A. Investors can install and log in on the ZFunds app and click on the daily SIP plan banner/tab to proceed further. For a detailed explanation, watch our video here.

Last Updated: 6-Jun-2022


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