ICICI Prudential Quant Fund NFO: Investment Objective, Returns, Entry & Exit Load

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Gaurav Seth

ICICI Prudential Quant Fund NFO

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has announced the launch of ICICI Prudential Quant Fund. The scheme would be investing in equity securities of the companies while following a quantitative model.

As per the press release, a composite score based on different quantitative parameters will be assigned to companies, and exposures will be taken in companies with high scores while taking into account their market capitalization. 

The New Fund Offer (NFO) starts from 23rd November  2020 and will end on 07 December 2020.

Investment Objective 

The investment objective of the scheme is to generate long-term capital appreciation for investors by investing in equity & equity-related securities of companies determined on the basis of a Quantitative model.

What is Quant Investing?

Quant Investing is a strategy of making investments in market securities by using various mathematical models, technical analysis & quantitative parameters for selecting the securities to comprise in a portfolio. The strategy aims to reduce or limit the intervention of humans in the investment-related decision-making process & thereby avoiding human behavioral biases.

How is the portfolio constructed?

Step-1:  The first step involves negative screening i.e elimination of stocks from the benchmark universe which don’t meet the requirements.

Step-2: Then comes the process of shortlisting the companies using macro, fundamental & technical parameters.

Step-3: The composite scores of shortlisted companies are calculated by assigning equal weights to different parameters.

Step-4: At last, a portfolio comprising 30-60 stocks is constructed on the basis of their composite scores while also considering the market capitalization of stocks to have good liquidity.  

Why invest in ICICI Prudential Quant Fund?

Here are some of the advantages of investing in ICICI Prudential Quant Fund:

· A Quantitative model for investments ensures that there is limited human intervention which will help to avoid behavioral biases.

· A Diversified portfolio across businesses, and sectors will reduce overall risks in the portfolio.

· Quant model provides a systematic approach to investing by combining investing experience & avoiding the scope of human errors.

· Passive investing through a quantitative model taking into account various macro indicators & fundamental parameters like P/E ratio, Return on Assets, etc.

· Well qualified team with prior experience in managing assets based on a quantitative model.


This scheme is suitable for investors who are -

  • Having a high-risk appetite
  • Interested in Long term wealth creation.
  • Interested in making investments in an equity scheme which invests in equity & equity-related securities of companies selected on the basis of a quant model.

Assets Allocation Pattern-

InstrumentsMinimum % of total assets (Indicative)Maximum % of total assets (Indicative)Risk Profile
Equity & Equity related securities95100High
Debt and Money market instruments05Low to Moderate
Units of other Mutual Fund schemes05Moderate to High
Units that are issued by REITs and INVITs05Moderate to High

About the scheme-

Name of the fundICICI Prudential Quant Fund
Fund launched byICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
Asset Management CompanyICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited
Type of schemeAn open-ended equity scheme investing in companies determined on Quant based investing theme
Investment ObjectiveThe investment objective of the scheme is to generate capital appreciation over the long term through investments in equity & equity related securities identified based on a quantitative model
BenchmarkS&P BSE 200 TRI
Entry LoadNot Applicable
Exit Load

1% of applicable NAV - If units are redeemed or switched out within 3 months.

Nil - If units are redeemed or switched out after 3 months.

Minimum Application Amount Rs. 1,000 & in multiple of Rs.1 thereafter
Minimum Additional AmountRs. 500 & in multiple of Rs.1 thereafter
STP & SWPAvailable

Capital Appreciation STP

SIP Plus

SIP Pause

Plans Available
  • Regular
  • Direct
  • Growth
  • Dividend Payout
  • Dividend Reinvestment
Fund ManagerMr. Roshan Chutkey

SIP Details

Type Minimum InstallmentsMinimum Amount
Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly6Rs.100 & in multiple of Rs.1 thereafter
Quarterly SIP4Rs. 5000 & in multiple of Rs.1 thereafter

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