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HNIs generally have a very hectic, work-filled, and stressful life. Also, they need to travel abroad for business and work-related opportunities or to have a break from their hectic schedule, they may go on a vacation abroad to freshen up and spend quality time with their family. And also there may be a situation where they visit abroad for better medical treatment or surgery. But before going abroad, they must look at the security and safety aspect and by this here, we mean health insurance. Now the question strikes, “Why would we need health insurance for an abroad trip and treatment?”. This aspect is most often ignored, as many are of the opinion that the domestic insurance plan covers the expenses but in actuality, they don’t. And also you should never forget that uncertainties and emergencies can arise anytime regardless of the location. Hence, it makes it very important to have international health insurance. In this article, we will talk about what, why, merits, and other aspects of the same. 


An international health insurance plan offers comprehensive worldwide coverage and international healthcare for HNIs and their families living or visiting abroad. Coverage most often includes out-patient, in-patient, wellness, evacuation, dental, vision, and select other additional benefits. Plans are renewable each year for life or until your specified expiry date. The primary advantage of having this type of plan is that you have the option of receiving care anywhere in the world, including in your home country or any foreign country. You get to choose the hospital or doctor for your medical treatment. Additionally, with this insurance, you can also choose a private hospital over a public facility to receive faster, and often higher quality care.


HNIs undertake international travel primarily for three reasons, vacation, work, or medical treatment. It is highly advisable to ensure international travel before commencing the trip as you may be entering into an unknown place and where the language spoken by the locals may not be the same as yours. Getting international health insurance beforehand will cover your entire medication at foreign land and therefore provide protection to you and your family at every critical moment.

International health insurance comes to your rescue in a foreign country in the event of any medical emergency or treatment abroad. This sums up all the possible scenarios in which you would require the assistance of all kinds - procedural and monetary assistance.

Buying international health insurance also provides peace of mind as you can be assured of assistance in case you come across any trouble. This is in line with the age-old saying- ‘prevention is better than cure.’ 

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1. Protection for you and your family:

These plans offer family-friendly features and options such as child hearing exams, first aid courses, and more.

2. Digital Solutions:

Many of the insurance companies now have digital infrastructure to give you easy and convenient access to your cover. 

3. Additional coverage:

Access to extra well-being and health benefits, including digital health apps - helps to stay healthy.

4. Tailored policy:

The insurance plans are quote tailored to suit the needs of the HNI so as to assist them through the best coverage.  

5. Quick and Efficient:

The HNIs insurance plans are most often quick and efficient with medical claims processed within 48 hours.


1. Financial Security:

International health insurance offers financial security and protection against health care losses while you are abroad.

2. Quality treatment:

With these plans, you can be confident of receiving quality healthcare when you are away from your home country if you find yourself involved in a health or medical emergency.

3. Lifts Stress:

Availing of these insurance plans will bring you peace of mind that you will not have to incur expenses from your own pocket in case of an unforeseen circumstance or emergency.

4. Supplementary coverage:

Supplemental coverage is offered for medical evacuation, routine physical exams,  international outpatient care, counseling support, online health education programs, vision, and dental.

5. Variety of Options:

The insurance companies offer a number of plans with different specifications which gives the HNI varied options to choose from. 

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Before buying the international health insurance, there are some factors to consider which are:

1. What healthcare would you require?

This question will tell you about the extent of coverage required. This is particularly more important if you have pre-existing health or medical conditions. Pre-existing diseases are medical concerns that you had before buying the insurance. 

2. Where are you traveling?

While looking for health and medical insurance it is important to keep in mind the place as the insurance company may provide you with coverage suitable to that particular location.

3. How much can you shell out in case of any medical concern?

Before opting for an insurance plan, knowing your financial capacity to bear medical and treatment expenses during your foreign trip is very significant. It helps you to choose the correct deductible amount in your international health insurance plan. 


There are several insurance companies in India offering health insurance with overseas cover. Some of the insurers offering such plans are:

  1. Aditya Birla Health Insurance
  2. Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance
  3. Liberty Health Insurance
  4. New India Assurance Health Insurance
  5. Max Bupa Health Insurance

Every plan offers its own coverage. So it is necessary for the holder to first go through the policy documents and then make a sound decision.


In case you look forward to filing a claim, you must note these points so that your process doesn’t get delayed. 

  1. Keep your medical and travel documents ready.
  2. All the information should be furnished accurately.
  3. Inform the local police in the foreign country.
  4. Gather communication details from the local area.
  5. Give an intimation to the insurance company at the earliest.
  6. File a claim while you are on your visit.
  7. Keep all the needful evidence and proof ready. (differ from situation to situation)

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