Investment is a Money Earner & not a Money Burner tool

Rashi Sadhu
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Rashi Sadhu

Investment is a Money Earner & not a Money Burner tool

It seems the market is now in Bear Trap. Every time a downturn comes a large number of investors stare into the falling market like rabbits trapped by the headlights of a car and wonder why they did not move.

Understanding bias & psychology of markets becomes more important at times of panic.This is a big opportunity to invest. Look for quality large-cap companies, stocks with a history of creating wealth in the past & industry leaders with strong management.

Fresh Investments:

•Use simple SIP strategies.

•Focus on consistency & quality #investment,don’t worry about size.

•Be patient & don’t expect quick returns.

Past Investors

•For those invested prior to the fall,if you are holding good quality stocks in your portfolio & have seen a sharp cut in prices, and are sitting on losses, be patient,they will recover in time.

•If you’re unsure about the quality of the company,sell them on bounces and re-invest in better firms.

Events of this magnitude will delay returns, but patience pays off. There will be sunshine after the rain. Markets & life will be back on track with time. Instead of timing the market we should give time to the market.

Be optimistic & Keep investing!

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