NISM Mock Test for Mutual Fund Distributors

What is NISM Mock Test

NISM mock tests are sample tests for the online practice of the main National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) exam. This helps applicants create a better exam preparation strategy and planning. If you treat NISM mock tests as actual and real tests, your performance will increase and be better in the actual NISM exam.  

So instead of just learning and cramming the concepts, practicing mock tests for NISM is very helpful as it measures your strengths and weaknesses and develops an effective strategy.  

As per the new pattern introduced, It is important to include NISM mock tests in the preparation journey. In this article, we are going to discuss the same. 


NISM, i.e. National Institute of Securities Markets was established in 2006 on the recommendation of the then Union Finance Minister of Government of India, Mr P Chidambaram. The prime objective of NISM is to increase knowledge, spread awareness and promote research and to improve the standard and guidelines of securities markets in India.  

NISM has a team of committed and experienced intellectuals that provide knowledge based on continuous cooperation and intensive research with the strategy makers at the apex level. The institute has proven capable of meeting global standards.  

Now that you are familiar with NISM, let us check out some benefits of NISM mock tests.


Practice of mock tests is significant for aspirants appearing in the NISM exams. The mock tests are prepared and tailored by experienced faculties. NISM mock test is very aligned to the actual exam and assists the aspirant to assess their preparation and studies.  

By practicing these mock tests, you will get a fair idea about the real test pattern and reduce the anxiety before exams. NISM mock tests are significant because of the time bound practice they provide. Multiple attempts in these tests will help to revise and go through the entire syllabus.  

This will help you remember basic concepts and perform better in the actual exam. These tests provide the scope of the question paper while improving your time management skills. This way, aspirants are able to memorize concepts and perform better in the NISM exams. Mock tests make aspirants familiar with the style and flow of the questions.

Watch the video to get detailed information about NISM Mock Test free:


  1. NISM mock tests assist in checking the preparation level.
  2. The mock tests are tailored and designed to assist candidates clear the exam in the very first attempt.
  3. You will get important MCQ with answers to practice that will save time and help in clearing the actual exam without much difficulty.
  4. Many of these tests are free and can be benefitted from.

Are NISM mock tests enough for NISM exam preparation

Many applicants appearing for NISM certification exam simply prepare using NISM mock tests. Now while these are effective instruments for preparation, experts also suggest using study material to prepare for the exam. NISM mock tests are great for revision after you have concluded your preparation. If you are someone who is already familiar with the mutual funds market and now appearing for NISM certificate exam to build a career as a MF distributor, then you can take an NISM mock test to assess your knowledge and preparation level.  

Let us now get you a little more familiar with the NISM VA Exam and tell you what it entails. 


NISM seriesVA
Name of the examMutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination
Test Duration2 hours or 120 Minutes
Total no. of questionsThere are a total of 100 MCQs in the NISM Series VA certification exam
Maximum marks100 Marks
Passing MarksAspirants should secure the minimum qualifying marks to qualify. The cut off percentile is 50%
Registration feesThe all inclusive fees for NISM exams is Rs 1500
Validity of certificate3 years
Negative Marking SchemeNegative marking is not there
Study MaterialOfficial NISM exams PDF workbook is available


Visit here : and follow the instructions carefully to start your NISM VA Mutual Fund Examination.

Frequently Asked Questions about NISM Mock Tests

Q. Where can I find NISM mock tests?  

A. There are numerous online websites where you can find NISM mock tests to help candidates gauge their level of preparation before the actual examination.

While some ma charge a small free, many of these are free.

Q. If I pass NISM mock test, does that mean I will clear the NISM Certification Exam?  

A. Clearing the NISM mock test simply shows your level of preparation. It is no guarantee that you will undoubtedly clear the actual NISM exam and get the certificate. Mock tests can aid in understanding the kind of questions you may find in the final exam.  

Q. Are NISM mock tests enough for exam preparation?  

A. NISM mock tests are critical in the preparation for exam. However, an applicant must also focus on other learning tools while preparing for the certification exam. The official NISM exams PDF workbook is great study material for candidates preparing for the examination.

Q. What are some sample questions that may appear in an NISM mock test or exam? 

A. Questions like what kind of transactions have exit loads, what is the maximum TER in debt funds, what is the full form of SCORES, What is the tax rate for LTCG in debts funds, etc. You can get familiar with such questions through NISM mock tests.  

Q. What percentage do I need to clear an NISM certification exam?  

A. The cut-off percentage for NISM Series V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Examination is 50%. Moreover, there is no negative marking in this examination.

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