Hi expert, my age is 39yrs and I have invested in various MF . Want to discuss my current portfolio weather they are good for my long term goal . Mainly MF are Absl value Hdfc hybrid Nippon banking Nippon small cap Icici pru balance Sundaram

- Amit | 4 days ago

A bit more of information like total sip amount, amount allocated to each scheme, investment horizon, purpose, etc is required to guide you properly and to evaluate your portfolio. With the bit of ...Read more
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1-Mai apne client ka kyc zfund app se online document uplode kar k karta hu to kyc kitne din me complete ho jayegi . 2- kyc jab tak complete nhi hoga tab tak zfund se mutual fund buy ho payega ya nhi. 3-agar koi client kuch din bad investment karna chahta hai to uska kyc zfunds se kiya ja sakta hai ya nhi. Please give me detailed answer. .

- Mukesh | 95 days ago

Kyc immediate ho jayegi, without kyc nhi hoga, kyc hone k bad kbhi bhi kr sakta hai ...Read more
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Is it time to invest in equity

- Sandhya kesarwani | 124 days ago

Hello Sandhya Ji, While entering into equity market one should be aware of the risk associated with equity investment. For any investment in equity one should also calculate the time he ...Read more
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mujhe ab kya share kharidna chahiye

- Prasanta Biswas | 109 days ago

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How to withdraw amount

- Sunita Pandey | 141 days ago

Hi Sunita,If you have invested offline method than you need to apply through Offline and if online then go with online  method, for more details please contact your Relationship  M ...Read more
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I started investing in debt funds last year but I heard about Franklin Templeton issues. Do you recommend investing in debt funds? If yes, then which funds shall I invest in?

- Karan Singh | 160 days ago

Franklin Templeton closing its 6 schemes was a very unfortunate issue. But instances like these happen rarely. In this case also, Investors money is still safe There were a lot of redemptions happe ...Read more
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I want to invest in Bharat Bond ETF. But, I have two questions. Firstly, Agar koi company default kar jaati hai toh kya mujhe loss ho sakta hai? Secondly, Kya aap lambe samay ke liye, for example, 10 years, ke liye koi safe investment option recommend kar sakte hain?

Bonds ke case mei default tab hota hai jab interest ya Principal Amount ki payment nahi ho paati hai. Debt funds mei zyaada redemptions hone se, fund house par pressure aa jaata hai jiski wajah se ...Read more
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I am 61-years old and retired. I have been investing a small portion in deposits of safe companies. I am not interested in taking risks anymore. I have heard of RBI bonds which are safer than Corporate FD. Which is better option?

- Nilesh Gulati | 164 days ago

There is no credit risk involved in RBI Bonds, so definitely it is a safer option. But keep in mind a few things.It has a lock-in period of 7 years and rate of interest is around 7.75%. Plus, y ...Read more
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Mai 36 saal ka hun aur mere do bachein hain jo school jaate hain. Mai hamesha equities mein invest karte aaya hun, par ab kuch aisi jagah mein invest karna chahta hun jo ki mujhe ek regular return de jis se bachon ki school fees cover ho jaaye. Kaunse instrument better hai?

- Ankit Mishra | 164 days ago

Investing in Regular Equities is always a good option. Aapko nayi education policy i.e. 5+3+3+4 ko dimaag mei rakh ke hee apna investment plan karna hoga. I would suggest monthly income plan in mut ...Read more
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- R P MAURYA | 182 days ago

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I plan to retire by 60. I am currently 40 years old and have been investing in equity mutual funds for the last 4 years through SIPs. I want to know whether I should invest in fixed income instruments like debt mutual funds? Secondly which mutual funds are recommended for long term for equity and debt to build a good amount in the next 15 or 20 years?

- Pradhaan | 196 days ago

We should always invest in both debt and equity funds. Only Investing in equity funds, is quite an aggressive option.Now which debt ...Read more
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I am a 61 year old widow. My husband died last year. I have approx. 1.35 crores from insurances and FDs. Mai janana chahti hun ki mai apna paisa safely kahaan invest kar sakti hun jahaan se mujhe ek regular income bhi mil paaye.

Aapko 50% of this amount FD mei hee rakhna chahiye for now and rest 50% in other financial Instruments. Out of this amount jo aap financial instruments (other than FD) mei invest k ...Read more
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I am 28 and I am a software Developer. My monthly income is Rs. 21000. I wish to save Rs. 3000 per month for future. Which Mutual Fund should I invest in?

- Mahesh Kumar | 196 days ago

I would recommend you to firstly plan on having a term and health insurance if you don't. Then go for an emergency fund which should cover at leas ...Read more
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when will you launch mobile app for iphone

- Manish Singh Chauhan | 202 days ago

sorry for the inconvenience. Zfunds team is working on it very soon it will be launched for ios with all features and benefits.   ...Read more
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Maine August 2018 mein 5,00,000 rupaye ka lumpsum nivesh kiya tha Axis Bluechip Fund mein. Mera investment horizon 5 saal ka hai. Abhi iss investment par mujhe 30,000 rupaye ka loss hai. Mujhe iss investment ka kya karna chahiye? Hold karun yaan bech dun? Main aur purchase bhi kar sakta hun cost ko average karne ke liye?

Covid-19 pandemic ke chlte sabhi equity funds ne apni NAVs mein kaafi fall experience kiya hai kyunki inke underlying stocks ke market prices mein kaffi fall Aya h. Iss samya par, Market recovery k ...Read more
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Mera beta abhi 7 saal ka hua hai. Main uske higher education ke liye SIP mein paise daalna chahti hun. Main kahaan invest karun taaki main agle 10 saalon mein ek achi raashi jama kar paaun?

- Mahesh Kumar | 223 days ago

Right Mutual funds ki selection investments karne ke liye depend karegi apki risk profile, investment size or goal ke tenure par. Aap apni risks tolerance ke according funds choose Kar skti Hain, a ...Read more
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Maine Rs. 3 lakh Aditya Birla ke Banking & PSU fund mein, aur Rs. 1 lakh ICICI Prudential Short-Term Debt Fund mein daalein hue hain. Lekin Franklin ke problem ke baad mujhe darr lagne lag gaya hai ki kya mutual fund sahi hain. Kya mujhe inn funds se nikal jaana chahiye?

- Pradhaan | 223 days ago

Franklin Templeton India ke kuch funds ka band hone ka Karan uske underlying bonds se Jude high credit risks the. Aur aise samya mein (amid pandemic or crisis) jyada risk wale bonds ke default hone ...Read more
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Can I gift Mutual Funds investment to my Nephew instead of cash on his birthday?

Basically the concept of gifting mutual fund units is also a hypothetical one and is practically not possible. In fact, ‘third party’ payments are not accepted by mutual funds. So if you want units ...Read more
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Kya koi aisa small cap ya thematic mutual fund hai jisme abhi paise lagane se agle 1 saal me bhari munafe ki ashanka hai ?

- Kshitij Maheshwari | 262 days ago

Small cap funds or thematic funds dono hi bohat risky equity mutual fund categories hai. Small cap funds invest karte Hain unn companies ke stocks mein Jo ki as per SEBI's categorization Small ...Read more
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There are two options that the govt has given this year for filing tax. How can I find out what is the best method for me?

- Kartik Sharma | 262 days ago

The government has introduced a new tax regime in this financial year for filing taxes. The govt. has allowed tax payers to choose any one option from the both options which they find suitable.&nbs ...Read more
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What are your views on portfolio management services? Are they better than mutual funds?

- Garima Chauhan | 262 days ago

Portfolio management services is a tailor-made form of investing where the portfolio manager makes investment portfolio mix of products like equity,debt, fixed income securities, cash & cash eq ...Read more
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Should I take out all the money from mutual funds and re-invest at a later time or pump in more money? What are the correct things to do considering the current economic slowdown due to the Corona virus?

Do not completely withdraw your entire invested amount in one go only on looking at the valuations.Doing so may lead to loss of compounding benefit which you could have reaped on staying invested. ...Read more
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ELSS funds nei pichle kuch saalon se negative returns diye hai, Inmei AUM bhi kam hota ja raha hai, toh kya ELSS mei invest karne ka koi matlab hai tax saving ke liye?

- Jai Ram | 266 days ago

Mutual Fund ki jab bhi kisi bhi category ki baat karte hai like small cap, mid cap or even ELSS Funds, it mainly depends upon Fund manager ki wo kaise funds ko manage karta hai.  But overall, ...Read more
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Abhi girawat aa rhi hai market mei, usse dekhte huye mujhe apne savings mei se kitna paisa equity mei laga dena chahiye

- Sandeep Sharma | 266 days ago

Market mein aayi girawat se equity fund mein investment Karne ki achi opportunity hai kyunki quality stocks kaafi cheap rate par mil rahe Hain. However, yeh batan mushkil hai ki market bottom par p ...Read more
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Abhi ke halat dekhte huye, equity funds ke kya prospect hai?

- Prakash Singh | 266 days ago

Stock market mein kaafi fall aaya h lockdown or coronavirus pandemic ke chlte. Returns ka kehna iss waqt par mushkil hai as we are not sure if we have reached the bottom yet. Pichle market crashes ...Read more
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Abhi jo haalat hai financial Market ke, kya mujhe apni SIP band kar deni chahaiye, ya mere kuch friends keh rhe hai ki mujhe isse double karni chahiye?

- Abhinav Grover | 266 days ago

Markets ke fall ko dekhte hue kaafi investors confused hain ki unhe apni sip increase karni chahiye ya bandh karni chahiye.Humare opinion mein, you should continue with your ongoing SIPs as ...Read more
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I am earning 43000 Rs per month, my financial goal is 50 Lakh rupees in 10 years, how can I achieve it by investing in PPF, FD, mutual funds, and shares?

- Shikher Dev Gupta | 266 days ago

Saving Rs. 25,000 per month from your income would help you reach the desired corpus of Rs.50 lacs in 10 years requiring a return of around 9.5%.The return of 9.5% can be achieved by making ...Read more
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What are the best saving bank account for salaried persons in India?

- Tanvi Malhotra | 262 days ago

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What will be the return in 10 years if I start investing 10,000 every month in SIP and keep it increasing by 1000 every year?

- Priyanka tripathi | 266 days ago

If you invest Rs. 10000 pm in SIP and keep increasing it by Rs. 1000 every year, the expected returns at the end of 10 years would depend on the asset allocation you choose.If you invest in ...Read more
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I had investments of 20L in Franklin funds. I am not sure if I should keep any money in Mutual Funds right now. Is there any chance of recovery for my funds?

- Priyanka tripathi | 266 days ago

The coronavirus pandemic caused a major liquidity crunch in the systems. Investors needed to redeem funds to meet fixed expenses, as income flows had ceased due to the lockdown. IN such a scenario, ...Read more
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Is there any Index ELSS fund for Tax saving? If not what is the best Tax Saving mutual fund in terms of cost

- Rana Sen Gupta | 266 days ago

No, currently there is no Index ELSS fund available in India.While investing in equity funds, one should not base their choice on costs only. The benefits of a well-managed fund can far outw ...Read more
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I was recently suggested to start a SIP in ICICI Balanced Advantage fund for the next 3 years. But Mutual Funds are giving big losses. I am not sure if I should put my money here

- Manish Gupta | 266 days ago

ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage is a dynamic asset allocation fund and suitable for an investor with a moderate risk profile looking to invest for the long term. The ICICI Prudential Balanced A ...Read more
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I've invested in "Nippon India Large Cap mutual Fund Direct Growth". The condition of the fund is really poor. I've lost 31% till now. Should I continue my SIPs or should I withdraw?

- Alok | 266 days ago

Some funds in the Large-cap category of equity mutual funds have also seen similar falls in their NAVs. Our advice is to stay invested in the equity markets. Equities tend to be highly volatile. Ho ...Read more
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Hi there, i would like to invest in Gold for long term through SIP. Which fund should i opt for?

- Sumit Kumar | 279 days ago

 Sumit,You may look at the following funds for long term SIP in gold:- ICICI Gold Savings Fund- HDFC Gold FundICICI Gold Savings Fund is one of the cheapest Gold Fund avai ...Read more
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Hi Manish, i am a working professional. Need your advice on two equity stocks: Vascon Engneering bought at Rs 33, CMP is 8.00 2nd is Pro Financial capital bought at 280,CMP is 19.00 I have lost almost 90% of invested money in these stocks. How are the fundamentals if i keep them for long term..

- Sumit Kumar | 279 days ago

Hi Sumit, We dont track both the stocks and would not be able to comment / advise on these. A better idea would be to revisit your original reason to buy these stocks. If it wa ...Read more
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For Mr MANISH (expert) Need to choose 4 MFund And 1 Gold Fund from below. 👇 4 M Funds (from 9 choice) 1 Gold ETF (from 2 choice) Axis blue chip fund Hdfc sensex index fund UTI nifty index fund Canara robeco blue chip equity Kotak Bluechip Fund SBI Bluechip Fund Tata Large and Midcap Fund AXIS Bluechip Fund IDFC Nifty Index Fund HDFC Gold ETF UTI Gold ETF *Any other special comment or recommendation

- Romie Narula | 281 days ago

I would recommend the following from the ones mentioned by you- HDFC Sensex Index Fund- Axis Bluechip Fund- UTI Nifty Index Fund- ICICI Nifty Next 50 Index Fund (not from the l ...Read more
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- Dheeraj hirani | 294 days ago

if you have any query on your mutual funds, you can ask here ...Read more
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Hi Experts, I want to invest 5000 per month for my daughters education. I want to know more about whether I should take Sukanya Samridhi Fund with 9.1% return or go for MF. I have 2 loans also right now, so don't want to take very much risk. If I should start a SIP, which fund should I take? Thanks in advance

Better is to invest in mutual funds because mutual funds will give you a minimum of 12% returns. If you see any of the MF scheme  it  give more than 12% returns if investor started invest ...Read more
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Ji Very lose........

- अखिलेश पाठक | 293 days ago

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Markets have moved up 3000 points in last 2 days. Is it safe to invest now? Where?

- Rina Singh | 308 days ago

Hi, there are 2 ways to look at it:- market is up 10pc in 3 days- market is still down 30 pc in last 3 weeksconsidering that this was one of the most s ...Read more
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Hi , I am planning to invest thru sip in axis focussed 25 fund Rs 50000.00 monthly for 5 years. Is it ok if my risk profile is high ? If 25 stocks could itself provide diversification do I need to split Rs 50000 in two to three different mutual funds ? Please advise.

- Manoj chordia | 391 days ago

Generally investors make the mistake of choosing funds based on recent performance and this "recency bias" restricts the investors to dig a bit deeper into the portfolio. If you look at the concent ...Read more
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Franklin Low duration fund is at a 1 yr low. Does it make sense to invest in this fund now and hope to see gains in the near future?

If you were thinking of investing to get advantage of a security value mark down which recently happened, then you are already late. The fund house has already segregated the security and the advan ...Read more
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How much money should go in mid cap funds if I am allocating to equity funds currently?

- Indrani Kapoor | 422 days ago

Allocation to midcap funds depends on a few things that are listed below:Investment horizonRisk apetiteReturn Expectations andValuationsGoals ...Read more
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Is it Safe to Invest in Small-Cap Mutual Funds?

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How much will I have in 5 years if I invest Rs.1,000 monthly SIP in Mutual Funds?

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Should you buy or rent a house? What makes more sense financially. Some people these days are saying that the real estate sector will not grow as a sector

In India, we will observe that owning a house is the utmost priority for the people and the reason is maybe the sense of safety or some kind of accomplishment. People are taking huge loans with lon ...Read more
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