Hi , I am planning to invest thru sip in axis focussed 25 fund Rs 50000.00 monthly for 5 years. Is it ok if my risk profile is high ? If 25 stocks could itself provide diversification do I need to split Rs 50000 in two to three different mutual funds ? Please advise.

- Manoj chordia | 225 days ago


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    Shubham singh
    183 days ago

    exactly you are on good path but the need is  most important  concern. so for five years may be it will be a high risky product for you ,may it will give you a high returns also i hope.... the adivice is to have a backup for your goal . 

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    Nishant Batra
    183 days ago

    You have mentioned about SIP for 60 months. As an adviser I need to know whether the funds are required after 60 months or you will only stop SIP & continue to hold the units for another 5-7-10 years.

    Case I: funds are required at the end of 60 months:

    ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage = 100%

    Case II: funds are not required at the end of 60 months, you will only stop the SIP & continue to hold the units for 5-7-10 years

    ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage = 2

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    Anil Budhraja
    205 days ago

    Generally investors make the mistake of choosing funds based on recent performance and this "recency bias" restricts the investors to dig a bit deeper into the portfolio. If you look at the concentration of the portfolio, you would get a better sense of the risk associated. 

    Look at the top 5 stocks in the portfolio and you would get a better sense. Not to take anything away from the fund, you still are better off diversifying your money amongst different strategies of fund managem

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    Gaurav Seth
    206 days ago

    Axis Focused 25 Fund falls under the focused fund category. More than 85% of the portfolio comprises of large caps only. So, to answer your question – ‘If 25 stocks provide the diversification, does one need to split the investment into 2 or 3 different funds’. In this case, since this is a focused fund, it does not provide the diversification across the market caps. You can see the table below for some details regarding the fund.

    Fund Name
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    • Its great to know that you want to start a SIP - While you are correct that you have already diversified your portfolio between 20-25  stocks then why you need more funds , but what you need to understand that all fund managers have a style and belief and no one fund will keep on performing all the time , hence I would advice you to split your sip as below.

      1. Axis Focused 25  - 20k

      2. Parag Parikh Long Term Equity - 20K

      3. Kotak Emerging Equity - 10K


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