Hi Experts, I want to invest 5000 per month for my daughters education. I want to know more about whether I should take Sukanya Samridhi Fund with 9.1% return or go for MF. I have 2 loans also right now, so don't want to take very much risk. If I should start a SIP, which fund should I take? Thanks in advance


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    Rajat Agarwal
    1150 days ago

    Better is to invest in mutual funds because mutual funds will give you a minimum of 12% returns. If you see any of the MF scheme  it  give more than 12% returns if investor started investing from last 15 to 18 years in a discipline manner.

    If we are talking about risk then you can diversified your portfolio into 2 funds one is large cap or bluechip funds and another is debt fund which gives you the return of more than 9.1%.

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