Hi Manish, i am a working professional. Need your advice on two equity stocks: Vascon Engneering bought at Rs 33, CMP is 8.00 2nd is Pro Financial capital bought at 280,CMP is 19.00 I have lost almost 90% of invested money in these stocks. How are the fundamentals if i keep them for long term..

- Sumit Kumar | 189 days ago


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    Manish Kothari
    189 days ago

    Hi Sumit, 
    We dont track both the stocks and would not be able to comment / advise on these. 

    A better idea would be to revisit your original reason to buy these stocks. If it was backed by fundamentals, you may look at those aspects and take a decision. In case these stocks were bought because of any other reason, I would recommend an exit and look at investing either through Mutual Funds or large established companies through direct stock.

    Please let me know if ther

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    Sumit Kumar
    189 days ago

    Not convinced Rajat. Both stocks were down more than 80 % prior to COVID. How are the stocks? Are these Cos.worthy? 

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    Rajat Agarwal
    189 days ago

    If we are talking about the fundamentals almost every stocks is gone down by approx 50% due to this COVID 19 scenario. 

    The market is in a bear situation. Better is to put it as it is or make an average of your portfolio. 

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