I am 61-years old and retired. I have been investing a small portion in deposits of safe companies. I am not interested in taking risks anymore. I have heard of RBI bonds which are safer than Corporate FD. Which is better option?

- Nilesh Gulati | 164 days ago


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    Umesh .
    160 days ago

    There is no credit risk involved in RBI Bonds, so definitely it is a safer option. But keep in mind a few things.
    It has a lock-in period of 7 years and rate of interest is around 7.75%. Plus, you don't get tax exemptions on this. Generally, Corporate bonds are also risk-free but RBI bonds are considered more safer.SIP in Kotak Corporate Fund will provide you anywhere around 10-10.5% and HDFC Corporate Fund has about 12% rate of interest. In general, corporate bonds will provide you with H

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