I am earning 43000 Rs per month, my financial goal is 50 Lakh rupees in 10 years, how can I achieve it by investing in PPF, FD, mutual funds, and shares?

- Shikher Dev Gupta | 1124 days ago


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    Akshit Girhotra
    1120 days ago

    Saving Rs. 25,000 per month from your income would help you reach the desired corpus of Rs.50 lacs in 10 years requiring a return of around 9.5%.

    The return of 9.5% can be achieved by making investments in a mix of Equity Mutual fund & PPF in the proportions of 70/30. You can spread your investments in the following categories of equity MFs by selecting one of the top funds in each.

    Large cap Funds- Axis Bluechip, mirae asset large cap fund 20-30%

    Midcap Funds- axis midc

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