I have invested in Nippon India Equity Hybrid fund Growth in 2017 Oct but till date, I have not gained any returns and I have done the SWP for 16 Months for 10000Rs and later I have stopped pls suggest what should I do Investment amount is 15Lakhs

- shakil shaikh | 763 days ago


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    Akshit Girhotra
    749 days ago


    We would want to know more details about your investment requirements such as for how long your want regular withdrawals and more. Based on that, we can choose suitable funds for your required investment, and also the monthly SWP withdrawal amount will need to be planned such that your investment/capital amount does not get hurt by your withdrawals.

    Our team will be happy to help you out with your investment. Please get in touch with us on our Whatsapp at 7217746224 to consu

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    Rakesh Agarwal
    758 days ago

    Your investment strategy would depend on your financial goals. A detailed financial plan should be create to arrive at the right asset allocation.

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