Is it time to invest in equity

- Sandhya kesarwani | 982 days ago


  • Hello Sandhya Ji, 

    While entering into equity market one should be aware of the risk associated with equity investment. For any investment in equity one should also calculate the time he/she has for that investment, “longer is better”. Now in this time when the market is going up again, those who have not entered yet, looking for the entry in the equity market. Anyone can take the entry here as well but my suggestion is, it is not the time for lump sum investment in equity, start w

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    Akshit Girhotra
    965 days ago

    Hello Sandhya

    Equity markets have experienced high volatilities in the last months owing to the pandemic. This has attracted many individuals to the stock markets. But what is important to understand is that you can never time the market. And there is never a good or bad time to make investments because investing is a very long term process and you earn good returns over the long term if you have made right decisions on choosing the stocks. Stock picking skill requires a lots of knowled

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