Study and Analyse all Mutual Funds A team of expert analysts study all Mutual Funds available basis micro and macro factors and rate them taking into account 10L+ qualitative and quantitative parameters img 2 img Investment committee A highly experienced investment committee chaired by Gaurav Seth, CFA with a collective experience of 40 years with top banks and asset managers. They decide the final tactical and strategic asset allocation and choosing which mutual funds become a part of the model portfolios. img 3 img ZFunds Expert Understands your needs, plan your finances and create a personalized portfolio for you using ZFunds research inputs. Your Expert does quarterly portfolio reviews, suggests changes and ensures that you reach your goals faster img 4 img You choose the right funds everytime Our investment process ensures that you pick the right funds every time and generate higher returns for yourself. Our track record proves it. You can see the details of our portfolios below.

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