The CIO of Aditya Birla Mutual Fund said that investors should expect 8-9% from NIFTY this year. Historically large cap funds have given about 1% lesser returns than NIFTY. So, in such a scenario should I not invest my money in debt and earn similar returns while keeping my money safer?


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    Gaurav Seth
    210 days ago

    It is not possible to predict future returns with certainty. We have heard many experts say for the last 6 months that the Nifty and Sensex valuations are stretched and hence investors must exit. Only in the last 4 months Sensex is up close to 15%. One must focus more on long term asset allocations rather than short-term (monthly or annual) views. Your asset allocation should be based on your risk/age profile and goals. If you have a long-term horizon a higher weightage of your portfolio shou

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