Common Myths about Mutual Funds 2022


The mutual fund industry is growing rapidly. However, there are so many myths about mutual funds also rising with this rapid growth. So, in this video, we will be busting these common mutual funds myths. 

In the video on Top 10 mutual funds myths, we will be answering the: 
1. Common myths about mutual funds 
2. Facts about mutual funds 
3. Mutual funds facts vs myths comparison 

If you are also the victim of mutual funds myths in 2022, this video will be helping you to see the reality with facts. 

The most common 10 myths about mutual funds are: 
1. Mutual funds are only for those who have in-depth market knowledge. 
2. You need a big amount to get started investing in mutual funds. 
3. Withdrawing money from mutual funds is tough and hectic. 
4. Mutual funds are suitable for the long term. 
5. Mutual funds only invest in stocks. 
6. It is mandatory to have a Demat account to start investing in mutual funds. 
7. You can't stop SIP once it has begun. 
8. Investment should be made based on past returns and performance. 
9. Debt funds are better than equity funds. 
10. Mutual funds investments have a lock-in period.


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