Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund | 2020 | Review


In this video we review the Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund (Parag Parikh LTE Fund). This is a multicap fund investing across different categories. The fund has 65% of its portfolio invested in domestic equities, while over 27% is invested in foreign equities such as, alphabet inc (google), facebook, Suzuki motors and Microsoft. The Parag Parikh LTE Fund has assets under management of over Rs. 4000 crores and an expense ratio of 1.97%. In the last one year the fund has generated returns of over 25%. The LTE fund was incepted in May 2013 and it has given an annual average return of 16.76%. Minimum SIP and lumpsum in the Parag Parikh LTE is Rs. 1000, while there is no maximum limit. Capital gains in the fund are taxed at equity rates of 15% for short term gains and 10% on long term gains. The fund is suitable for long term investors with a risk appetite for equities.


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