Tata Digital India Fund 2021 | Review with Fund Manager ...


Tata Digital India Fund is a sectoral technology mutual fund plan. Launched in December 2015, this fund has a CAGR of around 20% since its inception. Rs. 1 lakh invested in the Tata Digital India Fund at the time of launch would have been worth over Rs. 2.40 lakh today.

 In this video, we are joined by the fund manager for Tata Digital India Fund, Ms. Meeta Shetty. We discuss the philosophy and investment strategy of the fund and also the returns generated by the funds.

Ms. Shetty also speaks about the impact of the pandemic on the technology sector. She also tells about the risk of the fund like US administrative changes or currency risk.

The fund facts for the Tata Digital India Fund Scheme are as follows: 
The fund has an AUM of Rs. 813 Crores as of 31st December 2020 
The expense ratio for the Tata Digital India Fund is 2.49% 
NAV as of 01st February 2021 was Rs. 24.07 
The minimum investment in the Tata Digital India Fund is: 
Rs.500 for SIP investments 
Rs.5,000 for lumpsum investments


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