ABSL Pure Value Fund 2020 | Review in Hindi


ABSL Pure Value Fund is an equity fund from Aditya Birla Mutual Funds. The investment strategy of the fund is to invest in undervalued stocks for long term capital appreciation. 

We highlight the facts of the ABSL Pure Value Fund as under: 
• Assets under management as on 30th September 2020 was Rs. 3,788 Crores 
• Expense ratio for the ABSL Pure Value fund was at 2.06% 
• NAV of the fund as on 30th September was at Rs. 44.41
• The fund returns for the last 1-year period has been at -0.71% 
• The fund returns for the last 10-year period has been at 9% 
• Minimum investment required in the fund is Rs. 1,000 in both SIP and lumpsum 
• Exit Load – 1% in case of redemptions within 1 year from purchase 
• Taxation – As per equities and equity mutual funds 

ABSL Pure Value Fund is suitable for investors with a high-risk profile seeking capital appreciation in the long run.


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