Axis Floater Fund 2021 | Axis Mutual Fund NFO | Review in Hindi...


Axis Floater Fund NFO reviewed in detail. The Axis Floater Fund NFO, a fund from Axis Mutual Fund, is open from 12th July 2021 to 26th July 2021. It is an open-ended debt scheme predominantly investing in floating rate debt instruments. The benchmark of the fund is NIFTY Ultra Short Duration Debt Index. The minimum application amount is Rs.5,000 and the minimum additional amount is Rs.1,000. 

Questions we have answered in the video. 

1. Axis Floater Fund review 
2. What are Floater funds? 
3. Axis Floater Fund portfolio positioning 
4. Axis Floater Fund asset allocation  
5. Axis Floater Fund subscription details 
6. Features of Axis Floater Fund  
7. Exit load of Axis Floater Fund  
8. How is the Axis Floater Fund taxed? 
9. Advantages of Axis Floater Fund  
10. Risk of the Axis Floater Fund  
11. Who should invest in Axis Floater Fund?


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