Bharat Bond ETF Explained – In Hindi


In this video we review the Bharat Bond ETF in Hindi. By the end of this video you will find the answer to the most important question “Should I invest in the Bharat Bond ETF?” What is Bharat bond ETF? In December 2019, the first exchange traded bond fund was launched in India. This was the Bharat Bond ETF. The second series of the Bharat Bond ETF is available for NFO from 14th July to 17th July 2020. This is very-low risk, fixed maturity fund and is being offered in 2 maturities. The fund maturing in April 2025 is offering an interest rate of 5.65% and the one maturing in April 2031 is offering an interest rate of 6.64%. The fund will invest its assets only in AAA-rated papers of public sector companies. The expense ratio on the Bharat Bond ETF is 0.0005%. In case an investor does not have a demat account they can apply for a Fund of Fund or the Bharat Bond FoF which has an expense ratio of 0.0015%. Bharat Bond ETF is a good and safe investment option for investors looking to invest in very low risk debt funds for a fixed period of time.


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