Direct vs Regular Mutual Funds | Which is Better?


Direct mutual fund plans vs regular mutual fund plans has been a debate for a few years now. Direct mutual funds can save an investor from paying a higher expense ratio. But is that the only factor to consider while selecting a mutual fund. We are in discussion with Mr. Rahul Singh, the CIO-Equities at Tata Mutual Funds to get his views on this topic. We understand that a financial advisor or mutual fund distributor can play an important role in the financial decisions of an investor. An advisor can protect the investor from taking wrong or quick decisions in times of panic or euphoria. An advisor can ensure that the investor sticks to a disciplined investment process. There are several categories and funds available for investment. An advisor helps select the right mutual fund for the investor. Direct mutual funds are only suitable for investors who have complete market knowledge and also have the time to track and review their portfolios on a regular basis. 


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