Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund 2021/Reviewed


In this video, we review the Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund. This fund falls in the dynamic asset allocation category of equity mutual funds. The fund invests a minimum of 65% of its assets in equities and the balance in debt and cash equivalents. The equity allocation can be made across various market capitalizations and sectors. Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund has a total AUM of Rs. 1,924 crores as of 30th November 2020. The NAV of the fund as of 30th November was at Rs. 28.73 and on 24th December was at Rs. 29.91. Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund has an expense ratio of 2.10%. The minimum investment in the case of lumpsum is Rs. 5,000. For additional investments, the minimum amount is Rs. 500. In the case of investments through the SIP method, the minimum investment amount is Rs. 500 per month. Exit Loads applicable on redemptions are at 1% on more than 10% units in the first year. There is no exit load on Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund in case of redemptions after 1 year. In the video, we have also discussed the tax on Balanced Advantage Fund. The Edelweiss Balanced Advantage fund has a moderate level of risk and is suitable for investors looking for a long-term appreciation with low volatility.


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