HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund 2021 | Reviewed


In this video we have reviewed the HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund. The HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund has been a good performer in 2020 but has underperformed in the last few years. The fund has a total AUM of Rs. 24,215 crores as on 30th November 2020. The expense ratio for a regular fund is 2.01%. The fund NAV was at Rs. 65.26 as on 31st December 2020.. The fund was incepted in June 2007 and has delivered a return of 14.96% since inception. The 1 year returns for HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund are at 23.02%, while the 5-year returns are at 11.40%. 

Minimum investment amount in case of a lump sum is Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 1,000 for additional investment. For SIP investments the minimum amount is Rs. 500. HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund is suitable for investors who have a high risk appetite and are looking to invest for the long term.


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