How to Select the Best Fixed Deposit | Best FD 2020...


In this Video we have explained how to earn higher returns from your Fixed Deposit while not compromising on safety of your deposit. We have explained everything an investor needs to know about Fixed deposits in simple hindi in this video. What is a fixed deposit? It is a loan given by an investor to a bank, NBFC, HFC, corporate, etc. for a fixed period and at a fixed rate of interest. How to select the best Fixed Deposit? What are the factors to consider before investing in a Fixed deposit? The most important factor to consider is it the risk involved. Bank fixed deposits and Post office time deposits are the safest. Investments in corporate deposits and NBFCs should be pursued with caution. The second factor to review before investing in an FD is the penalty involved in premature withdrawals. The third factor to consider is the frequency of compounding. The higher the frequency the higher is the return. Finally, one must ensure that the returns beats the inflation rate. 

We have also answered other questions, such as: 

• What are the taxes on FD interest? 
• What are the tax deduction benefits on FDs? 
• What is TDS on an FD?
• How long will it take for my money to double? 
• What is the Rule of 72?


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