Importance of Financial Planning and Advice | Radhika Gupta...


Also known as “the girl with a broken neck”, Ms. Radhika Gupta, MD & CEO of Edelweiss AMC is in conversation with Gaurav Seth to discuss the importance of financial planning and advice. In this video we discuss with Ms. Radhika Gupta about the Edelweiss campaign “advice zaroori hai” and understand what services clients and investors can expect from their advisors. Ms. Radhika Gupta also speaks about the importance of connecting to a financial advisor and not being totally reliant on the digital knowledge available. We discuss the features and attributes that an investor must seek in a financial advisor before appointing him/her. From the perspective of the advisor we start by discussing about the required educational and regulatory compliances required to become a mutual fund distributor (MFD) or registered independent advisor (RIA). We also speak about the role that an advisor must play – alpha creation, asset allocation and behaviour management. The key learnings from Covid-19 for MFDs and RIAs is also highlighted.


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