Mutual Funds for beginners


Mutual Funds for Beginners- The Indian mutual fund industry size is only 2% of that of the USA. One of the main reasons for this big difference is the basic understanding of mutual funds amongst Indian investors. In this video we have covered the basics of mutual funds. We have explained in simple language mutual funds for beginners. The video will help answer the following questions: 

1. What is a mutual fund? 
2. Who can run a fund? 
3. How safe are mutual funds? 
4. How many mutual fund companies or AMCs are there in India? 
5. How many funds are there in India? 
6. What are the types of Funds? What are Closed-End and Open-End Funds? 
7. How are mutual funds categorized? 
       a. What are Equity Funds? 
       b. What are Debt Funds? 
       c. What are Hybrid Funds? 
8. How to choose a Mutual Fund? 
9. What is the best way to invest in Mutual Funds? SIP or Lumpsum?


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