Post Office RD 2020 | Recurring Deposit


In this video we have explained the Post Office Recurring Deposit 2020 in Hindi. This is a Post office saving scheme. 

The following topics have been covered in the video: 
What is Post Office RD Plan 2020? 
How to open Post Office RD Account?
What is the Post office RD scheme interest rate 2020? 
How a post office recurring deposit works? 
What is the rebate on advance in PO recurring deposit? 
What is the default penalty on PO recurring deposit? 
What is the minimum & maximum permissible deposit in post office RD? 
What are the tax features in a Post Office RD? 
Is the deposit deductible under section 80C?

 We have also compared a Post Office RD with a Bank RD 2020 and discussed the pros & cons of either.


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