SBI Bluechip Fund 2020 | Review in Hindi


In this video we have reviewed the SBI Bluechip Fund which is the large cap fund from the largest AMC in the country, SBI Mutual Funds. This is an active fund, which aims to invest a majority portion of its total corpus in shares of companies with a large market capitalization., i.e. in the top 100 in terms of market capitalization. 

Some of the facts of the SBI Bluechip Fund are as follows: 
1. Total Assets Under Management (AUM) on 31st October 2020 – Rs. 22,421 crores 
2. Expense Ratio – 1.71% 
3. NAV of SBI Bluechip Fund on 31st October 2020 – Rs. 39.55 
4. Returns on SBI Bluechip Fund 
    a. 6 Months – 39.30% 
    b. 1 Year – 7.09% 
    c. 7 Years – 14.55% 
    d. 10 Years – 10.77% 
5. Minimum investment (Lumpsum) – Rs. 5,000 
6. Minimum investment (SIP) – Rs. 500 
7. Maximum investment – No Limit 
8. Exit Load – 1% on first 10% units if sold within 1 year 
9. Exit Load – Nil if sold after 1 year 

The gains from the SBI Bluechip Fund is taxed like equity. If units are sold within 1 year the gains are taxed at 15%. In case of sale after 1 year, gains are taxed at 10%. For more details about taxes on mutual funds, you may watch This fund is suitable for an investor with a moderate risk profile and looking to invest in shares of large cap companies.


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