SIP vs Lumpsum kaunsa better hai


What is SIP and Lumpsum? Which will give you more profit or returns. SIP or Lumpsum?  

These are some very common questions that investors ask. This video will help you understand which is better SIP or Lump sum and what should you choose for maximum returns

Kuch log aapse kehte hain ki equities mein paisa aapko jaldi se jaldi laga dena chahiye. While some say that you should invest periodically to avoid the volatility. So which method is truly better?

pehle aaiye samajhte hain ki yeh dono hain kya.

Maan lijiye aap har mahine apni income mein se kuch paise bachate hain. Aap iss income ko jama karte rehte hain. Jab aapko lagta hai ki ab equities mein invest karne ka samay sahih ai toh aap apne investment amount ko ek saath equity mutual funds mein invest kar dete hain. Isse kehte hain lump sum investment.

Doosri oar aapke paas option hai to invest a portion of your monthly savings on a periodic basis. This could be weekly, monthly, quarterly or any other period as you may decide. Iss regular investment ko SIP kaha jaata hai.


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